Jesse Lumsden

Is Jesse Saveing him self For another shot at the nfl next year? Spme of his injury You could of come and played the next week maybe he is just being safe. But he did this in his sinor year at mac to make sure he was health to go pro and keep in mine his contract is up and the end of the year. ? But either way i love the way he plays the game and keep on steem rolling people jesse . go cats go

No not at all, he is a pro just unlucky.

And that is going to be poor Jesse's Legacy...

Jesse COULD have been one of the the greatest if he hadn't been hurt every second game.....

Very Unlucky?!

Trade him now !He has a glass jaw,trade him for anything we need ,while he is worth something.I m sure we could get a good linebacker,D-lineman or great O-lineman for him.with a good line and the good r-backs we have we could do well in the run game.With some better protection we could get the pass game going.We are deep at r-back,use him to get what we need now.


He's one of the very few players that I get excited to watch play. He can break it on any given play as he's proven many times alerady.

Jesse might be one of the few Players that Have Trade Value.
He is in his Option year and will Want Big Bucks to Resign.
why Pay Big Bucks for Someone who can't stay Healthy.
when You can get US Back out of the U.S Collage System cheaper.

So he might be worth trading
We need DL Help Bad..


Jesse has proven "many times alerady (sic)" he's incapable of staying healthy, thus is of little use to this franchise.

He even got banged up at Mac playing such punishing teams as York, U of T, Windsor et al.

id say our o line needs more help. but if you could get a stud at either position its worth it

You guys would be the first ones to complain when he came back and ran all over us . How do you know this wont be the last game he misses the rest of the season ??

Ill bet you any money you guys would of given up almost anything to get Mat Dominguez the last few weeks right ? Right !!! well hes hurt now ( again )so alot of good that would of done us .

Let Obie be the Gm ok ? You guys just buy tickets !!!!


Every football player misses games due to injuries.

Sure Jesse has a history, but he's definately worth keeping, especially from the ratio aspect.

I definately dont think Jesse is saving himself for the NFL. Im afraid if he gets injured as often as he does in the CFL. I can imagine it would be worse in the NFL with players being on average stronger and larger.

Anyways, I do believe that Jesse is a great running back. When he`s healthy, he is one of the most exciting players in this league.

The Cats should hang on to him for the rest of the season. Then assess his future with the organization in the offseason.

Jesse has played just over four games this season which puts him on pace to play a career high 12.75 games this year. If he can play 14 or 15 then I would say he is worth keeping.

A tackler grabs and twists Jesse's foot any player would have gone down with a twisted ankle!!

Post of the season.

Nah, this board allows us all to be virtual owners, Presidents, GMs, coaches and players.

That's its purpose, no?

I can’t help but think of Jesse Lumsden as a tough-luck Canadian version of current Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian “Purple Jesus” Peterson.

Both runningbacks are “homerun hitters” in the sense that they are big running backs with breakaway speed looking for a big play. Both have a checkered injury history due to their size and upright running style, and both oddly enough wear the number 28.

The only difference I see is that Jesse has had some bad luck in terms of injuries and the Purple Jesus has had some better luck even though he did miss some time last season with a knee ligament problem. Wait, that sounds familiar.

I hope the Ticats don’t trade him, he is a rare ratio busting player. That being said, it puts the team in a tough spot when salary negotiations come around because he is going to command a high price tag.

And for those thinking he is going to try the NFL again, I really believe that ship has sailed considering the average career of an NFL running back usually lasts 3-4 years and until you are 29 years old. After two failed shots already, I think the clock is ticking and may have already ran out for Jesse’s NFL career.

That’s not a bad thing, he has the talent to have a great and meaningful career in the CFL if he chooses to.

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Very good post, pw!

Yes, Good post Paullywood,

His contract negotiations depend on how many games he plays this year. If he continues to have injury problems and plays 8 games. I can`t see teams offering big contracts due to his injury history. If he stays relatively healthy and plays 13 games this year. I can see Scott Mitchell putting some big money up for Lumsden. I guess time will tell.

Jesse is one of the few reasons there anyone is in the seats and tuning into these games.

I think he's one of the most exciting guys in both leagues. Plus, he's homegrown.

That's a blue-chipper if I've ever seen it. I wouldn't see this injuries as a guy that's injury prone.