Jesse Lumsden....

Phonimall player when not injured.


He was hurt when he tried out with the Redskins too. He may always be a bandaid.

The hard part for the Tabbies is he’s a Canadian starter, which means whenever he goes out, they have to replace him with a Canadian. If they replace him with an import they need to put in another Canadian somewhere else, or start an extra Canadian from the get-go so they are still at 7 when he goes out.

And clearly, if you’re gonna have Lumsden, you need to have a capable backup.

I certainly don't envy him. I remember walking home from a bar a few months back. The entire city was covered in ice. I slipped twice and banged up my knee pretty bad.

I couldn't imagine living with his type of knee injury.

News update. Jesse will miss the next Ticats game against the Argos. He was taken to hospital after cutting his finger on a stick of butter. While in the ambulance, an incoherent Lumsden was overheard mumbling, "I am not injury prone" over and over.

Roberts uses his lack of size to avoid taking hits, and most people tackle him around the middle. Go low on him and he'll jump over you. Reynolds relies on speed and breaking tackles, but he isn't going far with people on his back.

Cates is a lot like Lumsden, in that they're both quick, and both can drag people five or six yards. You have to go low to stop either of them, but Lumsden has taken those flukey hits that so far Cates has not. One day he will take a helmet to the knee, or have someone twist his ankle as they make the tackle, and he'll have to come out. It's the nature of the beast.

Sure all running backs get hit in the legs. Let's not generalize. All running backs didn't take THAT hit. Did you see it close up? It was bad. He doesn't get hit on every hit to his legs. This one he did. If you get hit a certain way you're going to get injured.



Lumsden is a great back and maybe he is just having a string of bad luck. Let's give him another season before we lable him as glass.

Great running back, but made of glass. Sorry boys and girls, but the facts don't lie. Lumsden gets injured far too often at a position where the average career is already only about 3-5 years because of the punishing nature of what running backs do. If Lumsden is getting injured this frequently now, what's going to happen in a few years when his body is no longer in its prime?