Jesse Lumsden....

This guy is the most talented peice of glass ever to play sports. Its kind of Ironic that less than a week after goin on OTR (off the record on TSN for those of you that have lives) and flat out saying he's far from injury prone....he's hurt AGAIN and who knows how long he's gonna be out this time.

The question i have is this kid gonna be able to make it through a whole season and live up to the hype he generates? or sould the Ti-cats shop him around while he can still walk?

i wouldnt give up on him this early in his career.

the ticats luck, they'd trade him, and he'd never be injured again his whole

Lumsden needs to eat his wheaties!

He needs to lift more weights in the off season and get stronger to avoid these injuries.

He is already very strong! Lifting weights will not help him. His pad level is too high, or if you prefer, he runs straight up (fully erect) and exposes his body to hits. He is a big target, so defensive players can throw their bodies into his legs.

Charles Roberts is tiny in comparison. But, Roberts runs real low to the ground. When you face Roberts, the only thing you see are a helmet and two knees. It is hard to injure a helmet and two knees running at you.

Also, if you look at him run, he has tiny (but fast) strides. That says he is not very flexible. He has a lot of very fast muscles (rapid twitch) in abundance, but these muscles lose oxygen much more quickly than slow twitch muscles (they can breath and stretch better).

Shame it is, cause he is talented. But his running style and physiology opens him up for injuries.

You should be his personal trainer!

Jesse Lumsden is injury prone, and he says saying that abiut him in insulting to his talent. Which is BS! I believe he is a very talented player when 100%. He is injury prone!

Is there a player in this league, or any other, who if a guy grabs him by the foot and twists, will not get injured?

His previous injury was to his knee when a guy trying to make a tackle went for his legs and hit him in the knee with his helmet. Could anyone here take that without some tissue damage?

He's such a powerful runner, that he takes a lot of hits to the legs. If you grab him around the shoulders you're going for a ride. His legs take more hits in a game than most people's do.

Maybe he's injury prone, but I just don't think anyone could take the type of hits he takes and not get hurt.

Especially a running back BigDave. They only last four years on average anyway.

CFLking makes a good point about him running upright, though. Not that I'm one to critique his running style - obviously it works for him - but I wonder if he would help himself out by being closer to the ground. Granted, that might make it harder for him to run. Either way, it's too bad he keeps getting banged up like this ... hopefully he'll be back soon.

Pro football players do have to take those kinds of hits and need to be able to play after them not all but some. And some players just have really bad luck with injuries theyll get the flukiest injuries on routine plays and it is just unfortunate but a reality for that athlete. All running backs take those hits because most of them are capable of dragging massive defensive linemen if all they grab are the shoulders you need to hit RBs low because thats where most of their energy is being spent and as soon as a RB's legs stop moving thats when he goes down. For every clip you can show of Lumsden taking hits to the legs I can find one of just about every other running back in the league

i dont see how running while making himself small woulda prevented the knee and ankle injuries....his legs woulda been in the same place.

Glass Tiger.

thats awesome...anyone now a PA guy at any stadium cuz someone needs to play anything by them when/if he plays again

I love watching this guy but he's a band aid and will get this profile and it will ruin his chances with any other teams especially if he thinks of going back to the USA, teams will not look at him, really to bad so much talent.

This guy is the Carl Coliacavo of the CFL.
He's injury prone.
I hear his mother still cuts his food so he won't cut himself with the knife.

Or choke on the food. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Lumsden is great back. No American is better than him. But he is injury prone. Watch Cates. Reynolds. Roberts. They get hit a lot to. When is the last time they got hurt?

Not saying Jesse is soft, but his nickname is 'Baby's butt".

Gentle Jessie is injured AGAIN. I'm not surprised. The Ti-cats 3 offensive weapons are all injury prone. Lumsden, Miles and Printers