jesse lumsden

Articale from cat chat by Ken Peters. I find it interseting and he might have a point.
It's just a stretch but something tells me Jesse Lumsden just might be the Eskies' starting tailback next season.

  1. His dad Neil is a former Eskie doing some scouting work for his old club.
  2. Jesse is playing out his option will be a free agent in February.
  3. Eskies would love to have a superlative Canadian tailback to solve chronic running game woes.
  4. Lumsden may view chances of winning a Grey Cup are better in City of Champions.
  5. Eskies have salary room to make Lumsden a monster offer in the off-season.
  6. Family ties and tradition are important to Lumsden and a chance to play with his dad's former club might intrigue him.

If he stays healthy I see it more likely he'll try the NFL again.

Saw him and his dad on OTR today - he claims he only had one serious injury, his shoulder injury. Everything else was, what did he say, something like "routine injuries that everyone gets" and that the label of injury-prone is completely unjustified. Okay, if you say so ...

I think someone is trying to create problems in Hamilton.

  1. I don't think Edmonton has a better chance of winning before Hamilton
  2. I don't think Edmonton has a ton of cash over above what Hamilton will have.
  3. His dad was loyal, I suspect Jesse will be loyal and entertain any legitmate offer that will come from Hamilton.

You got Ken Peters figured out, Mikeith.

Complete conjecture.

Curious why this isn't under the CFL thread?

Yep, but oh well ...

NO one knows for sure until he signs, so it is all conjecture. I bet 7 other clubs will be vying for his services and making cap room for him if he is a FA.