Jesse Lumsden

Was not used nearly enough, he only touched the ball 9 times, that is ridiculous. He did get stuffed on a few plays but he also had some plays were he showed plenty of heart and pushed through the pile for 8 yards. Next game he definetely needs to be utilized more. Another thing, I did not see one play designed for the running back to catch the ball out of the back field such as a screen or a swing pass. The only plays I saw last night were 5 yard pattern complete, 3 yard pattern complete, punt on 3rd. Please run some patterns longer than 5 yards and get some screen passes into the game. There were so many Montreal blitzes last night where Lumsden could have easily gotten 30 yards or even more off a screen.

Can't run the ball when you're coming from behind. It takes up too much time. We were playing catch up the whole time. I do understand your frustration. Jesse running the ball = success. Unfortunately he didn't have much blocking last night.

5 and 3 yard passes?? Welcome to a Marcel B offense.

IMO He still may Not be Healthy ...
I don't care what I am being told it is Spin ..
They Babied him in the Pre-season
He didnt run well cause of it

End of Story ..

Question is He Healthy I have my Doubts

I think he is fine, the problem is the coaching staff lost confidence in him early when he missed on the 3rd and 1 and never got back to him. Well that was a stupid call on their part,on 3rd and 1, Porter should be coming in and running it, his long, 6'5 frame should make it easy to get those. I'm not saying Jesse has to run the ball all the time, but get him some screen passes or swing passes.

Agreed a Bad call and Sneak was right one
Everyone in Stands and at Home knew that …
Why did our OC not know This ???

There was not one screen to lumsden all game, that is were lumsden breaks free, where he can pick up speed and break a few DB tackles for 25+yards.

If Marcel studied any film from last year, that was a major strength and we did not use it once...

You are right

Absolutely right Mike54,

they should definately draw up some screens to Lumsden for the T.O game.

He is fine. Not utilized the right way last night. One game does not make a season even though it was very frustrating sitting the stands. Time to regroup and bring it next Thursday.

You need an O Line before the running game works.

What game were you watching? I think the route lengths were fine. Printers average 13 yards per completion which means many were more than 13 yards. They didn't make attempts to stretch the defense though. Of course it is hard to do that when the defense is coming at your quarterback like that. But I do agree that Jesse didn't run enough. Though I believe it is because they were down by so much.

Screens and hitches to Jesse can only unfold on a second read by Printers. It takes time and the D has to bite. Montreal wasn’t giving up the space or time for Jesse to roll out or under. The QB has to work with what the D gives you.

It is also harder to pull that space-time issue for those kinds of plays when you are operating a spread-style offensive approach since backfield penetration can be much more immediate without the extra blocker in the backfield. I would have liked to see more screens and swing passes, but the fact is that the design counteracts that somewhat. My main beef is that the option route running / hot receiver m.o. isn’t finding our guys getting open much in zones vacated by opposing blitzes. The tendency to watch Casey run and be Houdinian might be cool for us fans, but for the guys paid to run routes and get open for him when plays break down, it’s poor execution. I think Woodcock and Mitchell did help Casey out a number of times he was harried – the others not so much.

Oski Wee Wee,

Frankly I was shocked at the minimal use made of Lumsden. The Als have an undersized, converted OLB in Taylor playing MLB....I was really expecting to see lots of Lumsden pounding up the middle early in the game, because I thought if he got through the line there's no way Taylor would be able to stop him one-on-one.

Didn't see it, and it puzzles me.

I know you don't like to run when you are behind, but that doesn't answer the question as to why he wasn't being used in the first half............Cats weren't that far behind.......

I am disappointed that Lumsden wasn't used as much in the game last night and when he was used it was at a time that needed a passing play instead of a running play. He made a promise to fans last year at the final game saying that he was ready to paly this 2008 season so let's see more of him and allow for him to make good on his promise.

First of all we never had the ball
Second of all it's the first game
And thirdly he's just and i repeat just getting started WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have loved to see a few passes thrown jesse's way but if you watched Casey in BC he rarely ever throws to his RB's although I wish he would have last night.