Jesse Lumsden

I'll admit, a few years ago I was against Lumsden joining are team, thinking that he would be a massive distraction, and I'll admit, I was wrong but...

Oh my god, have you seen that boy run? We could give him the ball every play and win the damn game. The only way a single person can take him down is to take his legs out from under him. He's a monster. I have never seen something like that before.

Also noted, isn't it really odd when Lumsden lines up behind Maas? Lumsden towers over Maas & it looks like we have a freight-train for our running-back (although that's not far off). I was laughing at that, could you imagine being a small defensive-back and seeing him lowering his shoulder as he runs towards you?

Good-Luck Jesse! Go Cats Go!

Never mind a DB, how about onw of those tweener OLBs that are so prominant in the league?

Anybody that isn't a lineman or a huge safety would probably be scared of seeing Lumsden coming at them full-speed.

Jesse running hard and looks good, I hope he can stay away from injuries because of the pounding he'l be taking.

I was very impressed like I have been many times before . The guy can play and it helps that he has a much better recieving core and O line around him .

What was very impressive was that he was coming off a virus that caused him to lose alot of weight . Imagine when he plays Saturday with more rest and more cohesiveness with the O line !!!

Im surprised NWO has no commment on his performance ???

He also threw 2 very nice blocks for Maas , not quite Troy Davis blocks but pretty close !!!

i believed in lumsden from the start!

I believed in him after i found out he had 4.4 40 speed.

I'm just glad his talents won't be wasted the same way other Candadian backs were, like Dave Dinal and Eric Lapoint.

Dave Dinall's talent being.... fumbling?

anyone who watched the state of the league webcast find it odd the ticats have chosen to market holmes and RALPH over Lumsden, or do u think it was cuz this is the last year on jesse’s contract?

I was surprised he even made the team since I honestly thought Nicolas Baissilon would be one of the 3 RBs to make it. Lumsden is a good depth player who can fill in if there are alot of injuries.

Who the H are you kidding !! A better receiving core around him, you are full of it aren't you Hab!!
What has any of the present corps done to give you that impression since most have never played in or started in the CFL. You should wait a few games before you make a statement like that.

It is not the last year of his contract. There is the 2008 team option to factor in.

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Oski Wee Wee,

While I've become used to disappointment with the Cats, having seen improvement on the OLine; in the options that a Timmy Chang will eventually (I don't go so far as to say "immediately!) give the team, and the "evolution" of Brock Ralph, Jason French, Nate Curry et al...the prospect of a "Raging Bull" RB like Lumsden and a quintessential "moves" guy like Holmes is really exciting...especially now that we have a Head Coach like Charlie, who will a) not put up with any BS/attitude from players, and b) will give the Offense a playbook with more than 25 plays....

About 975 more...give or take 10... LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

he is a raging beast with a fire in his belly. I still can't understand how he was turned away by the NFL twice. oh well.. their loss is our gain.

Funniest. Post. Ever.

Lumsden is our boy this year, despite what his detractors say.

lol he went to Ottawa and played amazing for them at the end of the year, i think it was the year they first folded, but for some reason was never heard from again. He was averaging like 10 yards a carry and maybe only fumbling once a game.

Jesse is and will be a stud as long as he can run to the outside. As a stand-up style of runner...he will take a heavy beating inside of the tackles.

I'm sure Charlie will design plays that will keep Jesse out of harm's way and use his strength.


Let sleeping dogs lie

Nice blocks indeed!

And lets not forget that Radlein is back there, too, and a great blocker for the QB...

Mr Maass will be harder pressed to explain away errant throws with these two bulls covering him!

Alternative thought: Receivers had better be prepared to run correct routes and fight for the ball if necessary, and hold on to it!

There aren't going to be many "excuses" between suiting up or kicking Coke cans down the street (ie after being cut!) this year