Jesse Lumsden, Zeke Moreno and Casey Printers

3 reasons why Ti-Cat fans would be absolute fools to not buy season tickets. All my friends in Toronto always talk about the Ti-Cats and how bright their future is with those three young bright stars.

I'm a fool then.
$150 price increase when I can only make 2-3 games.

Its cheaper seats for me. :frowning:

Oh man, Is Tay Cody ever gonna be pissed!:wink:

Hey TorontoIs..., we want Tay happy and motivated come June, so unless you want to further deplete our DBackfield, I think you need to add him to your post title. :slight_smile:

8) Good one !!!!!! :wink:

I was going to, but there are rumours that Tay Cody wants out.

Is Tay Cody staying after all?

Why yes, now that he knows you were going to put him on your list of young players to build around before he spoke out, he's not going anywhere. :slight_smile:

Seriously, who knows

Who cares about our stars, I just love going to games.
Ok, fibbing a bit, it would be better to have a winning team have to admit but all I ask for is to be competetive to be in a playoff hunt to near the end of the season. IWS is a great place to watch games at. :thup:

Spoken like a true fan.