Jesse Lumsden...................Why Arent We Using Him?

Jesse Lumsden has played great so far this season…especially in the last 3 games…but why are we only giving him then 11 carries? i would be giving him the ball 20 times, he is averaging 7 yards a carry and we are only giving him 11 carries
a game

i am sorry i just dont get it

i mean passing doesnt seem to get us to the endzone to often

but yet we continue to pass and pass and rarely give lumsden the ball

He is being used.

He has 16 receptions as well. He leads all RBs and even some receivers in receiving yaradge.

He's being used quite nicely I think.

Lumsden has touched the ball 63 times for 561 yards in 5 games I think thats good so far! An average of 100+yds a game is more than enough but we need to use him more if we can't pass the ball.

Just because Lumsden doesn’t rush for 200 yards in a game, doesn’t mean he isn’t being used. As several previous posters noted, he’s been very involved in the passing game; further, now that teams are aware of him as a special (“elite” - too soon?) player, he’s also being used as a decoy much more often, which is one reason that the passing game was much improved last game. And he’s blocking much better in pass coverage. Further, no team in the league that has spent as much time behind in the score as Hamilton would have any more rushing attempts - there comes a point where it’s almost impossible not to pass because of the clock.

Football’s about a lot more than individual stats.

Welcome to the Ticats. They have only led once all season so its pretty hard to run the ball when you are losing. Also its the CFL. More passing than rushing

to compare J.L to the other top cfl back,s would show he does not get enough carries, Esp in the red zone-imho 33 SMITH, J BC 77 433 5.6 0 5 1
1 ROBERTS, C WPG 83 414 5.0 0 8 3
28 LUMSDEN, J HAM 47 343 7.3 0 0 0
21 REYNOLDS, J CGY 52 306 5.9 0 1 0

When you trail in every game you play its tough to get your back the ball. If we would have had the chance to run the clock out in any of those games you would see him with at least 10/15 more carries.

His best game was against BC---he had about 120 yards at half time, we were winning and he only got 3 more carries in the second half. Why? Losing?-No. Passing game was working?---No. They were stopping the run?--No.
Last game we were also winning late and they didn't give him the ball.

With a team struggling to establish anything offensively, I find it mind-boggling that he has hasn't been used more.
Ditto for Corey Holmes.

I hope they keep using him the way they have been. The first 2 weeks they were running on first down every time and it didn't work because it was predictable. Teams now have no idea when we are going to run which is why Jesse is now getting bigger holes to run through.

Yes, but he's averaging 7.3 ypc which is crazy, if you run him as much as the other backs then that average will drop way down.

BC also did some pretty good half-time defensive adjustments. Jesse did not (IIRC) get good running lanes because of this.

I agree though - we have two VERY good RBs that we should be using to our advantage...

I thought the same thing about the half-time adjustments, but after looking at the stats Jesse gained something like 35 yards on 3 carries in the second half.....
Did we avoid the run because of their adjustments? If so, why then didn't we adjust accordingly?
I don't like to abandon something until it is stopped....BC didn't have to worry about stopping the run. We did it for them.

I questions when people say that Jesse will be a star in the league for years to come. It's not that he isn't good enough, far from it. but Unless we lock him up long-term or he gets hurt next game, he will get one last shot at the NFL, and he's going to take it. Dominating in the CFL isn't dominaing against U of T, and now Jesse is showing he can do it at a higher level and should be more comfotable and confident at his next NFL shot.

not really

its not like he has had only 10 carries and is averaging 7 yards

he has had over 40 and is still averaging 7 yards a carry so the average shouldnt drop that fast because he still seems to rush really well

and that is why i think we should run him more because he has successful carry almost every time he runs