Jesse Lumsden - We Push Stuff !

LOL ! Pretty Funny :lol:

Love the video and good on Jesse for fining an alternate sport.

Go Canada, Go!!

Spoke to him once, came across as a good guy. All the best to him in the future!

I've always liked Lumsden. Funny video. Good luck to him an Sam Giguere too!

He could have been to the RB position what Russ Jackson was to QB. Damn shame that injuries killed his career, but glad to see he's still a top tier athlete.

He was a young Roy Hobbs, it really was a shame that his football career was ended. He could have meant so much.

Oh well, the wait also continues for the next Russ Jackson, the Jackie Robinson position of Canadian football. I wonder if the GMs and owners actually have a clue on what that would mean. Caretaker?

Such a shame that a player with potential like Kyle Quinlan felt he had no chance to be given a legitimate shot and couldn't trust whether the shot he was given by the Als was sincere or not.

Great Idea Caretaker Bob lets have a Tigercats Logo on the Bobsleigh and his speed suit for the Big Games come on Let's get the Hammer into the games , you guys sponsored a former UFC fighter why not a former player who is in the Olympics !? :rockin:

They could maybe sponsor him pre-Olympics but no sponsor logos are allowed at the Olympics on athletes or equipment other than IOC sponsors or the logos of companies that make the uniforms or equipment. And even facilities have to drop corporate names so GM Place could not be called GM Place at the Olympics in Vancouver.

I see Giguere did not make the cut for the Olympic team.
Does anyone know waht his status is in terms of a future in the sport