Jesse Lumsden: the glass running back?

I made an observation about Jesse Lumsden re: his frequent injuries. He has loose joints and his muscle to skeleton ration is too high. While this physique affords him explosive power, extreme quickness, superior agility and overdrive speed, his muscles are literally tearing his body apart and he will continue to get injured as long as he plays the way he plays. He’s built for the big play, not the long haul like his Dad. Most of Jesse’s injuries are self-inflicted.

If Jesse wants to play injury-free and be effective, he’ll need to reduce his muscle mass and cut back on the “Gumby” moves. This means that eventually he’ll need to be converted to an inside receiver or tight end if he wants to have a long productive career.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is really cognizant of this yet, including Jesse, and he may be done playing football in less than 4 years–the avg. career span for a pro football player. That’s too bad. I appreciate good talent when I see it and the CFL is lucky to have a player like Jesse Lumsden.


Give me a break. The team decided to rest him most likely because the game plan is to go to the air more. He banged his knee against someone's helmet. Big deal. Sometimes you over protect your biggest asset. And that's probably what is going on here.

Thank you Doctor Zhivago.

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Oski Wee M.D.,

I thought it was Superman who had X-Ray vision.

Either way, Jesse has a history of injury. Including getting injured the one time Mac had a chance at winning the Vanier. He is exciting to watch, just wish we could watch him for the whole season.

Damn it Bones, I'm a Captain, not a doctor!

We need Jesse at the top of his game next week, or this season is going to start to slide, and fast.



Seriously, this has got to be one of the dumbest threads i have ever read… The reason Jesse get s hurt is because when most backs carry the ball 20 times they get tackled 20 times but when Jesse carries the ball 20 times he may break 3 or 4 tackles per run and technically be getting hit 4 times more than other backs, the reason is because he is the best back in the league not because of his joints and ligaments, really man go smoke another! and come up with another thread to make you look even dumber!

I was saying the same thing the other day. What running back gets hit as often as he does on a single run?

The reason he has been injured has more to do with bad luck than the fact...that he is muscular...where do people dream up this stuff. Mike pringle played many years and rushed for 16,000 yards and that guy was ripped and was hit quite a bit.

As much as I love watching Jesse play and rip through opposing D's with tenacious power and speed......I think you have made a point that will be addressed within the next 2 years. I have always said he should be alternating between RB and slotback/WR. Why is this so faux pas? Why can't he be the one to set the standard for the new type of CFL superstar? His muscle to skeletal ratio aside, I still think that is the best way to use Jesse and I think that will be the case sooner than later.

You are all missing the point.

The Cats will never be better than middle of the pack even with a healthy Jesse until they find other ways to move the ball and score other than Jesse, Jesse and more Jesse.

Casey has got to get better. The OLine has got to get a lot better. If these things happen, Jesse will be even better.

I know the Cats are supposed to be a running team, but you can't win consistantly in the CFL without a good air attack.

The Cats will never be better than middle of the pack even with a healthy Jesse until they find other ways to move the ball and score other than Jesse, Jesse and more Jesse.
I think at this point, there isnt a fan of the Ticats anywhere that would bitch about being 'middle of the pack' I for one would welcome it at this point.

I stopped reading when I read "muscle to skeleton ratio"

Best forum post sentence EVER!

Dude, he took a helmet to his knee, that isn't being fragile, it's bad luck and he finished the game to boot.

I would understand if it was something minor or something he could deal with, then I would say he is "glass" but I would give him a pass on this one ladies and gentleman.

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Jesse is one helluva back but he can't be the ONLY offensive weapon on the team. Injuries happen, it's a violent sport, we all hate to see them but being realistic it happens much more when a player can be keyed on and hit more often and sometimes they happen due to freak accidents. The thing is that a team needs people to step up and make the plays when one of the better players go down.

8) You're exactly right !!!

Fact is Jesse will find ways to deal with the nagging injuries. Good running backs always do, and Jesse has been thro a lot before pro.He's exciting to watch, and it's been a long time since the Cat's had this kind of player. He's just starting to find his way, and keepng him out of the Calgary game was a smart move.They needed more than just Jesse, for that one, and didn't have it at all.

I agree bennyo. I'm not so sure that the coaches decided early that they weren't going to run all that much against Calgary. I'm thinking they made the decision that the best way to beat Calgary was through the air and it was time the passing game stepped up to the plate. The fact that Jessie was a little beaten up just made the decision easier. The game got out of control because of early Ticat miscues but I don't think the game plan (re going to the air and sitting Jesse) was a bad one. If Jesse had of played would the outcome have been different? Don't know but it really does not matter right now. We got blown out but at the end of the day it's just another loss. Shows up on the record books the same way the saskatchewan game does. Jesse is rested for the Edmonton game which is a must win and, more importantly, a game we CAN win.

8) The sad truth in all this is if the Cats play every game that Jesse is not dressed for like they did in Calgary, then we are in big trouble !!!
  A good team will compensate for the loss of their star player and still find a way to win.  That is not the case with the Cats.

 Don't be shocked if Jesse does not play this week either !!!        <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: -->