Jesse Lumsden stealing signals?

anyone else notice on our last drive they kept showing shots of Ritchie Hall calling out his defences to Daley with Jesse Lumsden standing right beside him looking at our bench and hollering at Richie.

From Jesse's body language he definately was picking up on something we were doing that he was familiar with, I doubt it was signals as you'd think those would be changed game to game, but he definately seemed pretty confident he knew what we were doing.

I saw that to......

Oh so that's what they meant by "contributing in any way he can" lol. :lol:

The Lummer is dangerous even when hes not playing. :slight_smile:

I guess that he has to contribute somehow.

Mr.Bruce will be doing the same for us on Monday :thup:

^^^exactly^^^ Its the nature of the game. And,If he actually did(?), maybe Hamilton should of made it harder for him to do that.

I thought I saw him hurt his ankle while relaying signals.


Considering our OC Gibson is in his first year, I don't think Jesse knows his signals. He can assume certain things about formations of course. But that would be it. Nice to see him on the sidelines though and passionate enough to be in the center of the action on the sidelines.

Why are we still talking about this bum? The only reason he's even somewhat relevant is because he's local to the Hamilton area. He's done. Finished. He will never be a dominant player in the CFL... at least not for a full season.

what he said.

8) Coming from one bum to another, I guess !!!