Jesse Lumsden-Stay Or Go

Assuming Jesse hasn't been hurt much over the past few years, except for an odd bruise here and there keeping him out of a game here or there, but racking up a 6.5 yard average, around 1200-1500 yards per season, what would he be making do you think? Or could ask for? And compare that with what he wants now?

We are going back here a bit but Pringle with 2000 yard season was making around 150k to 200k in a pre cap era.

Unfortunately Jesse hasn't missed a game here and there but closer to half a season repeatedly.

In reading many posts it seems as though people are coming to the realization Jesse won't be here next year. As much as I don't want to even think about this I also ask myself the question, "if Edmonton wanted him last year so much who were they willing to offer that Obie didn't want to deal?". I am saying this now because it is better to get something rather than nothing at all.

So my question to all is who do you think might have been offered; players, draft picks, both?

I just don't see Jesse & Kenton Keith being able to co-exist on the same team. Not enough touches for the both of them. If Mike O'Shea does not return this season, Lumsden would make a great replacement as Public Enemy #1 by joining the Argos.:slight_smile:

Time to let go me thinks

Lets look at the facts:
rushing and receptions combined.
Lumsden's 4 year career: 7.2 yards / carry (didn't play whole seasons)
Keith's 5 year career: 6.7 yards / carry (didn't play whole seasons but wasn't with us long)
Caulley's 2 year career : 6.7 yards / carry (didn't play whole seasons)
Smith's 1 year career: 7.2 yards / carry

Keep Keith, Caulley and Smith in my books as they are more dependable, stat's aside.


Get rid of him, he does not seem to happy about being a ticat.

Due to the Import ratio, having a Canadian as the starting R.B can hurt the team if he is injured. Not that I'm saying Jesse is injury prone :roll: Keith and Caully are going to be the best tandem in the C.F.L. Millsie , I wish Jesse good luck but he must go.

Don't be so sure about Cauley. This is his second major knee injury...

Where was Cauley at the beginning of last season? Where were Cauley and Keith at the end of last season? Out of action. From what i've seen from both of them, I would take Cauley. Cauley, Lumsden, and Smith utilized on rotation would work fine for me. Put Keith's $150,000 back into the pot to pay Jesse $120,000, Cauley $95,000 and Smith $75,000. I have this feeling that were going to need their running game (tops in league over the last 2 years) once again this year.
Would be nice to see the screen passes to the RB's more too and put Lumsden at slotback at least 5 or 6 times a game.

So with today's news of Mr. Lumsden, looks like it's the K.C.S contingent.......but time will tell.