Jesse Lumsden-Stay Or Go

He was born in Edmonton. I'm not sure how that qualifies him as a hometown hero in Hamilton more than in Edmonton.

Being born in Edmonton doesn't qualify Jesse as being an Edmonton hometown boy.

He came into the world there, and probably has little recollection of that time.

The people in Edmonton were likely completely oblivious
to the fact that Jesse spent his pre-school years there

Then his parents took him to Ottawa where he lived for a while
and likely little notice was taken of him by the people there, too,

That doesn't qualify him as an Ottawa boy either, stevehvh.

IMO, what does qualifies Jesse as a hometown boy is....

Jesse spent most of his formative years growing up living in Burlington

and many of us in this area followed his high school football career
and many more of us followed his university football at Mc Master.

That has to be the strangest post I've ever seen here, but we all know how cranky habman gets when someone dares to point out that his golden idol might have feet of clay.

Firstly, Cobourne has been in the league three years..

Secondly 1 injury does not make him "injury prone" trust me if he misses 10 games a year like Jesse he wouldnt make it to free agency.....the Als demand performance from everyone OR ELSE.....thats why he would get tossed on his butt.

But do you realize that 1 those 12 games that he played, that he had 6 consecutive 100 games, which is one more than Jesse's CAREER totals. Maybe you missed the fact that in 12 games Avon surpassed Jesse's 4 year CAREER receiving totals?????

Too bad Obie doesn't share your opinion about Jesse or else why would he have thrown a truck of money at Kenton Keith????

I guess we will see how all this plays out after Feb 16

And to think, he turned down a new 3 year contract for $150,00 per season half way through last season from the Cats !!!!!

Wow, didn't realize that. Guess I'm not the only one that has made, shall I say, misguided decisions in my life. Wow

Jessie needs to do what feels right. He has has a lot of injury problems and some players deal with that by going somewhere else. Maybe they feel a change might bring better football karma.

If Jesse does go somewhere else though my guess is BC. They are the team that needs a good RB most right now. Losing Logan and releasing Roberts leaves their RB cupboard pretty bare. Edmonton needs a RB also but not as bad so I feel BC will go after Lumsden most.

Ron, I take your point about being born in Edmonton not necessarily making him a home town boy there. I don't object to Jesse being considered a home town hero by Hamilton fans, there's ample reason to do that, as you point out.

But Edmonton fans will have their claim on him too if he goes there and if they form an attachment to him. Fans will adopt a favourite player as their own whenever they find a suitable "hook", I suppose. If Esks fans do so in this case, with a guy who was born there, it won't be much use getting into a debate with them about whether he's really "theirs" or more "ours". They won't pay any attention to us.

Maybe it also depends in part on how he sees himself, where he considers his home town to be. My brother, for example, was born in Cleveland Ohio, and spent two years there before our parents moved to Canada. He still considers Cleveland his home town, despite having very few and dim memories of it, and growing up on this side of the border. To each his own I guess. I don't know what Jesse's feeling about this is. I wonder what it is, and what kind of importance he attaches to it, if any.

Correct, stevehvh, the Edmonton fans have a right
to claim Jesse as their hometown boy if they want.

But unlike many of us fans in the Hamilton/Burlington area
they haven't followed his entire football career like we have

and we will always consider him 'our hometown boy' anyway.


Your brother sure has an unusual pespective
on what city to consider to be his hometown.

What can I tell you? My brother is a pretty weird guy in lots more ways than that! Of course, he says the same of me.... after all, isn't that what brothers are for?

I really hope that Lumsden signs with the Cats. I don't think that he can dictate the terms as much as management can, especially after the injuries discussed already. He deserves a pay increase but beyond that it should be incentive based.
I do think however that he is GONE. I would be fairly certain that Obie knows it as well and it wouldn't surprise me that Neil has let that be known to the brass just not in those words. You could see Jesse's grumpiness later last season when his number wasn't called on every play, he looked like he was boiling over at times. Also don't think he got along with Printers very well, perhaps egos were getting in the way, Lord knows they probably have the biggest on the team.
I also do not believe the 'distraction' excuse for not extending his contract last season, otherwise why even listen to the offer. People who want to get things done find a way, those that don't find an excuse.
It seems that Dad is doing everything he can for his son and wants him to make the big $'s, can't blame him for that, but I think a player has to have consistency as well as ability. Injuries will certainly hamper consistency and parental guidance can often affect attitude and not always in the right direction.


I obviously am missing something here… :? :?

I'd love to have Jesse stay and see him put together an entire year. However, I doubt that is going to happen. I doubt he will stay and I doubt he will put together an entire year.
That said, he was exciting on many nights and gave us hope. He was big enough to make us all feel one way or the other. I wish him luck and health and 10 yard games against us.

You will still say him play...He believes in his heart that he can be the go to back and a change of scenery somtimes isn't a bad thing. Its been a tough ride for Jesse. Obilovich isn't wrong in his comments. Lumsden should be used like Lapointe was in Montreal. A luxury NI premier running back that you pull out on occasion. Kind of like a shinny Yellow and black ferrari convertible you take for a weekend spin and then bring to the garage every week for maintenance and fixes...

Lapointe made a nice living between his 70K or so salary, endorsements and investment services.

Neil make me some Campbell soup :slight_smile:

Gonna miss this guy if he goes. Really hoping they work something out so he can stay -- but doubt it.
If he goes, I'd hope he goes out West.

Such a once in a lifetime opportunity for him and the franchise seems to have passed by. Could you imagine having a winning team with a hometown guy as the face of the franchise. He'd be a rock-star around here.

Strange eh Als ? I meant that Colburn was in his first year as a starter and yes he got injured . Is his health a concern ? I would think it is and any knee injuryis a concern dont you think ? You tell me ....

Yes i would miss Lumsden any real Ticat would as he entertained us many times . Yes I know he was injured alot ( not his fault ) but I believe that when he puts together a season when he plays a majority of the games the numbers he will put up will be staggering . I just hope that he does it in Hamilton !!!!!

I’m not a Bellefeuille fan but few offenses run the ball as well as he does. We hear a lot about Edmonton’s interest in Jesse but Edmonton hasn’t been able to run the ball in years. I think when all the offers are in. Jesse may consider staying in Hamilton. I don’t think it is a done deal but the ball is in “his hands”.

You probably are.......

IMO Lumsden is worth more than $80K/year, perhaps $95-$100K and as I said above the remaining amount of any contract that any team offers should be incentive laden. Add in whatever else i. e. cost of living, whatever.

Don't know what else you're missing.

Yeah Habman Cobourne got hurt (BTW it was his ankle) football people get hurt. He may get hurt again, maybe the year after too! Then HE would be called injury prone and I'd be the first to call for his head cause he is here to do a job, not sit on the sidelines or make Future Shop Commercials .

Dave Stala is injury prone ...same thing with Eric Lapointe. Unlike you, I don't wish injury on other teams star players (oooh, oooh I'm gonna wet my pants if AC gets hurt!!!!) If Jesse CAN stay healthy it' will be great for the CFL cause the league needs more stars.

I don't think that either of us will be able to predict if Jesse will remain healthy next year.....but going by past performance going back to his Mac days, Jesse's body hasn't been able to withstand the rigors of playing CFL football. If he hurts his shoulder again that might be it for him...maybe he will sign with TO and run for 1000 yds....who knows.

I ve figured it out...Im missing your keen management skills!!!!

You have a player who plays one in two games......
Who has never run for 1000 yds
who averages 1.25 100 yard games per year
who has helped you win maybe 4 games since he's been here

add to the equation...

You have two guys on the roster who are arguably as good as him, one of whom was signed for $$$ by Obie....

And YOU come to conclusion to GIVE HIM A RAISE!!!!!

I hope Obie and Caretaker have you on their speed dial!

Als4ever knows whats up! :slight_smile:

He most likely deserves a raise but not 160K contract.