Jesse Lumsden-Stay Or Go

To Whom It May Concern;
I wish I knew if anyone was paying attention. Something can be said for The Ticat Blog at the Spec, at least I feel I'm talking to someone who's listening....and you even get responses......OK enough whinning.
Obie, Please take notice...Jesse is the best runningback in the CFL, when healthy. Stating publicly, (and I'm going on memory from an article I've recently read) that Jesse would have to accept a DIMINISHED ROLE....IF HE CAN WIN THE STARTING FULLBACK POSITION......With all due respect , I can't believe that sentiment was ever put to press. PLEASE, If you really feel that way, don't beat around the bush...cut him loose, and let him sign on elsewhere in a Diminished Role .....But Please, Pray he doesn't come back to play against us....You also better pray that the Railcar that helps you relocate is not furnished with shackles.
It's my hope that we put the last offer we had on the table, back on the table... RIGHT NOW...and get this thing done....and hopefully....he wins the Starting Role. I thought we'd learn from our past mistakes.( ARMOUR,MORENO,FLICK...etc). I do remember when his Dad got away from us and became a star in Edmonton.
Jesse is a class act, and only the best runningback in the CFL. While I like the interest Obie shows in the talent that Wally is dropping in BC, ( and I'm sincere) lets secure what we have, before big brother down the 403 once again steals another one away. I'm tired of having autographed memorabilia from former Ticats.
I've renewed my 3 Season tickets...and I'm looking for a little return for my buck this year. The Casey Printers experiment should also be done. Lets not expect Casey to accept a paycut, let alone a 2nd stringers job....He's too proud. I don't want what the Argos went through last year to happen hear.



Make HAMILTON proud !!

millsie said

Stating publicly, (and I'm going on memory from an article I've recently read)

that Jesse would have to accept a DIMINISHED ROLE....

With all due respect , I can't believe that sentiment was ever put to press.

in today's Spec

Lumsden looks for a Fresh Start

February 07, 2009 Ken Peters

The Hamilton Spectator

O'Billovich believes Lumsden can best be utilized by putting him in certain roles

rather than making him the key workhorse in a backfield.

I recall Obie speaking enthusiastically about having
both Jesse and Kento Keith in the same backfield.
Lumsden said there are three key factors that will drive his decision.

Obviously money is first.

But he wants a commitment he'll
be the starting running back.

And he wants to play for a team set to win.

"Where I fit into a team's role is definitely a big
aspect of what my business decision will be.

And ultimately I want to be involved with
a team that is going to be successful."

In my opinion the Cats don't quite meet Jesse's criteria
of being the starting running back on next year's team

but will any other team guarantee him a starting running back spot?

Not Edmonton..but Toronto has an opening at starting RB

If Jesse wants to stretch a point, ultimately Toronto can be successful

so now I am starting to worry about Jesse doing a 'Mike O'Shea.'

Good piece by Ken Peters...and no mention of "Bengal bunker" this time :thup: . Maybe it's his farewell piece before he goes to his new beat. I wish him well in his new assignment. I have been critical of his terrible cliches but it wasn't hard to tell that he has a Tiger-Cat heart.
I hope Jesse signs on the dotted line again. I would hate to see him with another team especially if he proves he is not injury prone.
His comment about a player being in the " driver's seat" was appropriate considering how often players are treated as if they are nothing more than traded bait. Maybe this team will make him the best offer. Jesse is more than just a player on this team. He is also one heck of an ambassador for this team and for the CFL. We need him here.

I hope he stays too, but won’t lose any sleep over it if he decides his best move is someplace else.

What is starting to irritate me is the whole notion that he is somehow special enough that he should be: a) signed at a very high price, b) “guaranteed” the starting RB spot, c) automatically conceded the position as team leader, d) positioned as the “face” of the team, e) acknowledged as probably the greatest running back in CFL history, AND f) characterized as an “ambassador” for the entire CFL.

He’s a fine and talented player no doubt, and his dad sure must be a pretty good marketeer, but all of this for a guy who’s had brief flashes of brilliance scattered between lengthy periods on the sideline or in rehab seems just a bit overdone to me.

Being smug about it isn't going to make him the "best RB in the league". I know you want him to be the best, I know that all the teenage girls who love his hair want him to be the best, I know his dad wants him to be the best but that just isn't so. Even when healthy he isn't even in the top 4. Cates, Cobourne, Reid,Reynolds are all statiscally better. Avon had more 100 yd games this season, than JL ha had in a FOUR YEAR career!. I know you judge Jesse on the 4 BIG games that you remember so objective and tell me about the 15 games that he was held to under 40 yds. Or how can you make a statement like that when most of the time you were watching him on the sidelines.

I'm glad Steve said this and not me cause if I would have posted this, the Ticat fans would have killed me. But Steve is very, very dead on with this. There are fans out here who think that Jesse has an entitlement and should be exempt from actually earning the adulation that he and his agent/dad seem to want. I was walking in Jackson Square and saw Jessen in the foodcourt. There was a table of 15 y.o girls nearby, and the young ladies, were blushing and giggling and saying how cute Jesse was.

They kinda reminded me of a few of the posters here.

It seems to me that there are a lot of people around the city
who are indignant towards Jesse and personally offended

that he hasn't produced what they feel they are entitled to

despite the fact that he works his butt off year-round
and produces big time when he is healthy and gets the ball

and that he can't do anything about his injuries.

You see what you see, als4ever, and I see what I see.

No player is above any team. Obie has his budget and how he sees players fitting in here. If Jesse doesn't like what he is offered, he is free to go elsewhere, he is not above the team. Ok, if the shoulder is fine, no question this guy can do big damage agains't anyone but what is his price? Can he block and catch swing passes out of the backfield and that? It's a confusing situation no doubt. Doesn't it matter he isn't a great blocker or receiver? If can take the ball and go the distance like he has shown to do? I don't know. I hope this whole situation gets resolved soon, I'm getting sick of it.

Ok, TiCats, go for the gusto one more time and sign him if you can, I guess we have to in this case with being who he is and what he can do. And then, if no go with injuries or whatever, that's it.

SIGN HIM!!!!!! If he comes back to haunt us without ONE MORE crack, the TiCats look dumb, it's just one of those things the Cats have to do I think. Oh boy!

stevehvh, as a JL fan, I am trying to maintain a sense of reason in all this, hence my qualifiers. I would like to see him back, but only if he is fully recovered and really wants to be here-- right now he is saying all the right things but we will see in a week.

I wonder what would have happened if this had been Russ Jackson, even more of a ratio buster. I think Jackson missed significant parts of 2 or 3 seasons due to injuries. 
If the Ticat brass really do their jobs, we should have adequate Canadians at other positions that keep the ratio the same if JL went down and we don't have another good NI RB.

Merlin, I agree with all of your comments, and all of the qualifiers you appended to mine.... except the first one.... I'm not at all sure I'd give him top starting RB money at this point. He has yet to prove he is one. Better he should get a middling base salary and incentives based on performance. If he does perform, I hope the incentives reward him handsomely. You're right, he's no George Reed or Mike Pringle, and I think there is little reason to expect he'll last long enough to be in their category at all. But if he lasts a few good years in top form, he can fulfill the aspirations so many fans have for him and he seems to have for himself.

We'll see soon enough what happens. I hope he stays too.... on terms that make sense for the team.

While I love it when he is playing, realistically, Jesse can go.

First, he was offered an excellent contract last season that would have seen him make $150,000, that is in no way an insult. He had no excuse at that time, nor at the end of the season, not to sign, if he really wants to be here.

Second, the community has supported him through thick and thin from his time at Mac, through his NFL tryouts and his CFL career, in short, the community believed in him and many still do. He is a hometown hero, and if he was as honourable as he implies, that should be a deal maker in itself.

Third, the team has stuck by him, throughout all of the injuries (bad luck most of them) the team never walked away. A lot of teams would have cut him loose long ago. That's part of the reason he couldn't hang on in the NFL.

Fourth, strategically, the team cannot afford to base the offense around him. If he gets hurt again, which I believe is inevitable-he seems to be jinxed with bad luck, reminds me of Gord Kluzak with the Bruins, awesome talent, no luck. For that reason alone, he is not as valuable as many fans here think.

Fifth, the Cats are in position to draft Jamal Lee, a non-import running back:

2009 1125 yds on 162 carries 9 tds
2008 1202 yds on 182 carries 10 tds
2007 1464 yds on 181 carries 12 tds
2006 898 yds on 155 carries
2005 732 yds on 128 carries 6 tds

4th all-time in CIS total rushing one spot ahead of Jesse. Lee is also an explosive player.

Thanks for all the good times Jesse and lots of luck in the future.

Sounds like a heck of a draft choice to me....

As far as Lee being ahead of Lumsden in carreer yardage in CIS , Lumsden usually had well over a 100 yds rushing in the first half and Mac having a big lead Jesse didnt get many rushes in the second half of games . im sure Lee is a good back but he`s not in the same league as Lumsden .

  As far as Als4ever talking about Lumsden being injured ,maybe he should stop and think about how many gamesColburn missed this season due to injury . He`s only been in the CFL one season and already he has had injury long run. Its the nature of the position in the NFL and CFL . If Colburn was a free agent this year would his injury problem come into play ?? I think it would have to !!!

If Jesse does go to another team i for one will miss him . I was always on the edge of my seat when he touched the ball because many times he looked stopped but used his power and speed to turn a short gain into a long run .

Well, reading the article two things standout.

  1. A guarantee that he will be the starting RB? Even if Jesse gets this commitment its good only on the day it's made. No job is guaranteed. Things happen during a season; players get hurt, others get chances. After the ink dries the only things that count are being available (not injured) and on field performance.

  2. His personal morals prevented him from accepting an offer mid season? Funny, it didn't stop Jesse from sitting down with Scott Mitchell to discuss the deal. Mid season negotiations can be (don't have to be) a distraction. Signing up for the long term would never be a distraction. Any regrets not accepting the offer..."No I stood on principle..." If that's truly why Jesse turned down the deal, than I feel sorry for him. But the truth is most people focus on what they want in life...what will it take to make me happy...and it's obvious that staying in Hamilton as the feature back and making $150k didn't make Jesse happy. Nothing wrong with that, but that's just the way it is.

Jesse lives in a fish bowl and has a dad that by appearances has been active in planning his professional career for a long time. Sometimes those things make it hard for a person to figure out what they really want. As for the article, I assume he felt the need to share his frustration with all the questions he's been getting, but at this stage the time for talking is over. The young man has to do whatever he thinks is in his best interests. There is no wrong answer, just like there is no second choice; just decisions we make on our journey. Good luck Jesse.

Me too. And I probably will if he comes back even on another team, although I will be hoping we have the LB or DB who can bring him down before he gets into high gear.

    Re Jamal Lee - anybody know if he is any relation to Orville Lee, a Canadian RB of a few years ago?
   If we lose JL, maybe then we draft another JL?

Orville is Jamal's father.

Jamal Lee is Orville Lee's son. Last week he suited up for the Texas versus the Nation Football game in El Paso. Unlike Habman, I think Jamal has the tools to be a starter in the CFL. He has decent size, is durable and explosive. What isn't to like?

I continue to hear all this stuff about Jesse.
How great he the team will suffer if he does not resign...etc,etc.
How it will come back to haunt us if he signs with Toronto.....
Personally...I think that Caulley is a better back than Lumsden.
The only way I would like to see Jesse with a preformanced base contract, based on games
played. With-out that, I would say..see you later.
There is no dought that Lumsden could be a great player some day, if able to stay healthy.
But his injury history list is too long to make that a real outcome...and at 26 I believe that he is only
one or two ( big ) hits away from his days in pro- football, being over.

Sad...but I think, very true.


I've just got one question that I don't think anyone has asked correct me if I'm wrong but.....


Don't get me wrong I think that when he's on, he's on and the possibility of being one of the best Canadians and RB's in the entire league. I say re-sign him but I'm gettin sick of hearing about this guy being the next Walter Peyton to the CFL he's unproven and all the coverage of this kinda paints him as a prima donna even if he's really not like that he just seems like he feels entitled, and if thats the case I wish him luck and I say move on if not than I apologize and I hope you prove yourself, and carry the Cats to the Cup.

8) And to think, he turned down a new 3 year contract for $150,00 per season half way through last season from the Cats !!!!!! :roll:
  That offer is now off the table according to the TiCats  !!!