Jesse Lumsden Released By Edmonton

"Lumsden goggles" indeed.

Go to and check out the play where JL got hurt. Maybe it was a hard hit but it certainly wasn't a particularly violent one. It was the type of hit that you see a dozen times in every game.

When Jesse was here the Cats were a bad team....they needed the fair haired local hero to drag fans into IWS, and to get people talking about the Cats and CFL football. Now the Cats are a GOOD team, and a team that has a very good chance of being a real contender.

Last year, Cobb ran for 1200+. He didn't have his agent or father complain to the media every two days, he showed up and played his heart out and produced almost as much in 17 games as JL has in his career of 5 years. He quietly did his job and from out of nowhere became an elite CFL RB, all without the melodrama that followed JL around.

Unless JL can list punting as one of the skills that many of you seem to beleive that he possesses, there is no room on this team for Jesse.