Jesse Lumsden Released By Edmonton

As an avowed Lumsden critic, I actually really like this idea. I think this might be the best situation for him. As you said, he wouldn't take the pounding or cause the ratio problem. The team could utilize his athleticism in the one glaring need we still have on our roster. The only question is: would Lumsden go for it? He has a pretty big ego, and I bet it would take some convincing (or perhaps a few weeks sitting at home) before he would agree to this scenario.


Which would also take Doctor's clearance.

The Blew Team might look at him, but until a doc says he's a go....he's a big no-go.

His ego could be the primary motivator in considering an offer such as this. If he retires now the history books will speak of him poorly.

Unfortunately, I think that anybodywho thinks that Jesse can play pro football is fooling themselves…not as a slotback or a FB or a tight end or a kickreturner. Football is a physical sport and Jesse’s physical problems basically prevent him from doing two of the most important things that you do on a football field…hit and be hit. Other than kicking, thats all you do out there.

There is no denying that Jesse’s ego is a factor, but I don’t feel the history will remember him as anything more than what he is, a sad story of a guy with a ton of potential , whio just couldnt avoid getting hurt. I don’t think that any sane person can critisize him for the way he turned out, he didnt ask to get hurt.

Danny Ma-cho-cha was okay with Adam Braidwood competing in mixed martial arts
so I wasn't surprised when he gave the go-ahead to Jesse to compete in bobsledding.

The bobsledding and football seasons don't conflict with each other, deiz.

I could see that being an issue if they did, but they don't.

Lumsden released: 'I'm not done'

Eskimos cut local football player loose

Drew Edwards May 6, 2010

Some would call it stubbornness, others stupidity.

But Jesse Lumsden steadfastly refuses to give up on his football career.

..."To work as hard as I do and to have it taken away from me at the snap of a finger ...

"I know I'm not done with football. I've been working my ass off this entire off season,"

Lumsden said he understands he will have to earn his way back onto a CFL roster,

and said he's open to returning kicks, playing fullback
-- anything to get him back on the field.

"I'm not the type of person that says,

I'm a running back, I need to stay a running back," he said.

"I'm not in any position to give demands, I just want the opportunity."

Ticat general manager Bob O'Billovich said...

"We want to go training camp and see what we have.

Who knows what happens down the road,
if you get an injury and Jesse's still available,

maybe there would be an interest," O'Billovich said.

"But right now I would say it's unlikely."

There are teams that may be looking to use a Canadian at running back,
however, including the Toronto Argonauts and B.C. Lions.

"If the phone rings today, I'll talk to anybody who's interested," Lumsden said. "If it doesn't, I'll continue to work hard."
...Lumsden, as always, is adamant that his days playing football aren't over.

"I'm feeling like I have football left in me to play," he said.

"Some people might call me insane but it's what I believe."

To hear the entire interview with Jesse Lumsden,
check out the Scratching Post podcast on


A poor choice of words that I'm blaming on typing pre-morning caffeine. By 'poorly' I didn't mean critically, more like tragically. Here was a perfect story book beginning with a disappointing ending - by Chapter II. Obviously Jesse isn't happy with his football career at this point. Sensiblity would advise to protect his longterm health and find another career; ego may get him back in the game. I suspect he'll be wearing double blue on Labour Day.

No, people dont talk about KK because he's only been significantly hurt once here, before the season, and not constantly and not throwing the roster and ratio into dissarray and with no contract and father/agent distractions.

No fault of Keith's but his contribution to the team has been less than Lumsden at this point. (No fault of is). Lumsden was only hurt once in Edmonton...

The ratio thing is a BS excuse. You deal with that by having more Canadian starters than the MINIMUM mandated by the league. That's why the Riders and Als were in the Grey Cup twice in the last three years.

"Father/Agent distractions" Lumsden never made his negotiations public. What does that have to do with injuries ? Lumsden is not the first player to want to play closer to home or business. Sometimes it works against you and sometimes it allows you to pickup an Arland Bruce.

Who said anything about it being Keith's fault ? You made Keith's injuries the point not I. His injuries had far far less impact on the day to day ops of the Cats which is why he doesnt get talked about not his supposed relationship with Obie.

Having a CDN starting at a high impact position like starting RB then having him hurt is certainly not BS when you dont have another CDN that's even remotely close in talent. Its a huge dropoff at an important position then you have to juggle the ratio. Its difficult to do . Obie went on the record in saying so. So Has Wally.

When Lumsden's contract was up and his status here was up in the air his father was front and center in the media with his displeasure with the progress of the negotiations no doubt echoing Lumsden's agent. So much hassle over a player with so much diminished returns certainly was an unwelcome distraction for TC fans .
Maybe not to an Alouette fan.

You posed a question why KK doesnt get treated the way Lumsden does.

KK has never been a distraction nor a roster disruption that's why he doesnt get talked about.

If you play more than the minimum seven Non Imports you can replace Lumsden by an import Running Back. Eric Lapointe shared touches with various import running backs for five years in Montreal. Emry at Linebacker shared touches with an import MLB and Sanchez was backed up by Dix...

I just don't think contract negotiations qualify as a "distraction" , was he interested in staying in Hamilton maybe, probably not but he didn't cause any distractions. In fact he said many times he would look at it once the season was over... I think he made every attempt not to make this a distraction. OB knew Lumsden was not going to sign in Hamilton. There was no bad guy in this situation IMO.

Part of the reason people aren't talking about Keith is because Cobb filled in so well and the other part is OB is not bringing it up. That how I see it anyway.

BTW: Nice to have a proper discussion with you :thup:

Jesse alone was never a distraction but his father negotiating through the media certainly was. There was already a divide among TC fans and observers whether he was worth keeping. This debate was fuelled further when the negotiations began all this at time when the Cats were still reeling from poor hires and performance on the field. When fans were desperate just to get wins all the talk centered around an RB who could'nt even play half the year was the very definition of a distraction.

For Keith what was there to bring up or talk about ? He was recovering from injury and he's still under contract. Now that's he's healed Obie has addressed it . There's no no issue here until camp evaluations.

(Cobbs HB + Jesse FB/Tight end) * (Cold fall weather + Grey Cup in Edmonton) = Grey Cup Cats

Crunch the numbers

Dat you Lum. :wink:

There are two basic flaws in your formula.....

Firstly, FBs dont get a lot of touchs. They are there to block and take the occasional short yardage carry. even at his healthy best he wasn't a good blocker. His hands werent any better. BTW what do tight ends do? Block and catch.

The more important flaw is that after the kind of year that Cobb had, you cant take the ball out of his hands. In the three down game a team can only run the ball once in three plays on average. If you think that JL is better than Cobb, you will have to prove it to me cause the stats say differently.

Oh yeah one more thing......Tight ends, FBs, whatever all take hits,Jesse just cant take the abuses that football heaps on a body...

Alsforever I'm not a jesse fan but you are wrong about him not being able to catch the ball. Jesse may catch on with a team when the injuries start to catch up with teams mid season.

IMO his hands and blockingcertainly wern't his strengths, but to each his own I Guess.

At any rate, every player on the field punishes their shoulders on almost every play, blocking, tackling and being tackled.

If Jesse is going to play any football this year or ever 9he is going to have to firstly pass a medical, and prove that he can play with a high level of intensity, that is NOT to protect or sheild his bad shoulder. I think that one thing that Jesse is is intense, so by extension his chances of playing injury free for a long time are slim and none.

Any case, I wish him well...the league needs Canadian players with charisma and flair, and JL certainly fits that bill.

Lumsden is not yet physically able to play and some people actually think Obie should sign him? Did everyone miss the part where the Esks doctor could not clear him to play? It boggles the mind.

I have an idea! Lets sign an old man with a walker to play WR!

Many Hamilton fans have what I like to call "Lumsden Goggles." Very similar to beer goggles. :lol:

The guy has the talent, that's never been in doubt. But he can't stay healthy, and as you pointed out, isn't healthy now. Everyone just needs to let the past be the past.

8) You're right ballboy. Jesse does have good hands, and is a very reliable receiver coming out of the backfield.