Jesse Lumsden Released By Edmonton

That's a little harsh IMO...I don't think he screwed himself nor was it his intention to screw Hamilton by leaving...I think that he thought maybe a change of scenery might bring him better luck and Edmonton was the obvious choice. I too wish him luck as he really didn't have much of it and could have been a real star had he had some.

Too bad it has come to this - an out of work Canadian running back who can not take a hit. The only two things stopping Lummers from any type of a come back is -1/ a medical clearance - 2/ his inability to keep healthy. Too bad - Lummers could really bring the fans to their feet when he ran over someone and got into the open field.

Maybe he should do commercials for G.M.
I could see him now, getting up and saying something like this:
" Nobody wants the HUMMER, & nobody wants the LUMMER - but boy do I have a deal for you.... "

I agree, he would be great as a FB and ST guy, if he can learn to block. I can't imagine that he couldn't learn to block, he picked bobsledding pretty quickly. He would add an element of potential danger every time he was on the field and open up all kinds of new play possiblities.

Reminds me a little bit of the Eric Lapointe story. Having Lapointe worked out pretty well for Montreal, seems to me it would be quite similar to the situation with Lumsden and Hamilton.


One of Hamilton's few glaring weaknesses last year (besides Bo Smith and Tisdale to some degree)) was Hamilton's inability to make second and short. For the right price Jesse would appear to be the answer for a position that is currently a non import position (FB). I suspect that Obie's denile is a bit of poker playing on his part. I would love to see # 28 resurrected and on the field next year in the black and gold.

dude took 1 hit last year in his first game playing in the first quarter and was done.

he's finished.

converting him to fullback is just asking him to get hurt.

u could always try and convert him to be a punter tho.. i mean thats the only way u wont actually hurt himself as the punters rarely get touched.

For once, I agree with you.I was done with Lumsden the day he was done with us and wasn't man enough to admit it.Instead he blame's Obie and then run's off to Edmonton.I don't want him back, he's wayyyy too injury prone and we're looking to the future, not trying to ressurect the sad day's of the Lumsden era.I say the only way he come's back is as a scout or coach.We've got 4 N/I's trying out for FB this year, i'm sure one of them can do it.

see with lumsden the main problem is.. he's canadian. he's a ratio breaker however he never stays healthy so for a team to take a chance on him, they would have to have a backup canadian running back. really i could see him going to sask because they have foorde there or whatever but.. no. i dont think any team is that dumb to give a guy who cant even stay healthy for 1 game... a chance.

he's done and the fact that he isnt medically cleared tells me... HE'S FINISHED.

ill always remember that OTR episode where he like gets upset with landsberg cuz he asks are u injury prone and he says no. then the first game of the next season.. he's out for the year. dudes not only injury prone but delushional also.

You are right - that's why the Canadian Content Rule must be scrapped!! Lumsden was the only decent Canadian running back in the last 5 years. Teams are scrambling to find Canadia FBs, they are not out there.
Some team will take him because they need to fill the roster with a Canadian.

I think we should take him, the shoulder has to heal sooner or later. Even if we only get a couple of games out of him, Edmonton only got one quarter of one game of one season out of him!

I think we are all missing the point here ... although he does not have medical clearance to play football don't you think that his obligations should have been to the Eskimos first and not the Canadian Bobsled team in the Olympics ... I always thought that was a bit odd and am not surprised by Edmonton's decision.

Also, don't be fooled by Obie's reaction showing moderate interest in having him return as a FB ... once you screw with O'Billovich you don't get a second chance IMHO


In which one of your twisted fantasies did that occur? If injury prone players are a concern, why is Keith still on our roster after rotting on the DL for TWO seasons. IMO, Lumsden is done -- but that doesn't mean our running game is better without him. Give me a healthy Lumsden over a healthy Cobb any day of the week. At least Lumsden could convert a 2nd and 2.

Lumsden, when healthy, is better than any back on this team. I'm pretty disappointed that Obie hasn't addressed our piss-poor short yardage game as of yet. Hopefully he fixes it.

Lumsden had troube staying healthy but nothing compared to what Kenton Keith, yet people don't talk about that cause he's one of OB's guys.

Keith hasn't even been on the roster for two years. He signed in September 2008. It's only May 2010. Our running game is better without Lumsden because with him we'd have none since he gets hurt every three games. He's no different than Buck Pierce.

If you need to put "when healthy" beside a player, when discussing what he's capable of, that's a problem. He may be, "when healthy" but Cobb is healthy and has produced almost as much in his one season as Lumsden has produced in FIVE. I'd rather have the healthy player, thank you very much.

The second Keith gets released people will say the same things about him that they do about Lumsden. Except that there won't be a herd of people rushing to defend Keith they way they do Lumsden. Lumsden gets far too much slack considering he's done nothing to warrant it.

Totally Agree!

He was constantly getting stuffed on 3rd and 1 here in hamilton because teams stacked the box and he had to room, he runs too upright to be effective in short yardage situations.

and to avoid injury. It's been the knock on him since day one.

I wish Lumsden all the best. If you want a really boring read go to sportsnet and read lefko's lazy article on him, the whole article is about him being a white running back. I cant remember reading a more boring or uninteresting story.

And i doubt Obie is holding any type of grudge against Jesse, if anything he is probably happy he didnt sign long term.

From what i understand he didnt want to sign here because it was long term and Obie didnt want to sign him to anything short of 3 years, he probably figured he'd sign for one year in Edmonton, stay healthy, have a break out season then sign a huge deal this year.

And as for Cobb's lack of production on 2nd and 2 you can attribute that to predictable play calling (shorgun option everytime doesnt fool anyone), also he did turn a stuffed 2nd and 2 against Edmonton into a 50 yard run to win the game.

He was an extremely exciting player (when healthy) and that's how I'll remember him. Unfortunately his move to Edmonton may cost him dearly in his post-football life. Had he stayed here I'm sure many business ventures would be open. Having turned Obie's offer down probably kills that avenue and he was only in Edmonton for three plays so there's probably no interest there either. Maybe a job in the media is a potential. Jesse Palmer never threw a meaningful professional pass and he's a regular on SportsNet.

If Lumsden can pass a physical (a BIG if) I would love to see him brought in just to inject some sign of life into the Cats kick return game. He was one of the best kick returners ever in Canadian University play regularly racking up TDs on punts and kickoffs, and he had some big runbacks when he first joined the Cats too. Whether you like him or not, you have to admit the guy is electric when he carries the football.

As a kick returner, Lumsden would take less of a pounding than he would as a regular back and wouldn't cause all of the ratio problems he did with getting hurt as a running back. To fit him into the lineup, all you'd have to do would be to squeeze out a 3rd string Canadian lineman, or receiver, or db which shouldn't hurt too much, and you'd be able to use an extra American somewhere else.

Obie keeps saying he's looking for a return specialist and he may have a great one right under his nose.