Jesse Lumsden Released By Edmonton

CFL daily on twitter is saying the following


Rumours circulating that the Edmonton Eskimos have cut RB Jesse Lumsden.

This guy has been pretty accurate in his reporting. I guess we'll see.

An article on the Eskimos' thinking:

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What a shame. It's so unfortunate that he couldn't stay healthy because he really was exciting to watch. The number of times that I saw him play for the Cats, I was blown away by his speed and acceleration. And then his power!!

A question though. Is there another position that he could possibly switch too since the position of RB seems to be too hard on his body? Could he move to defense somewhere?

i suggested that in another thread but i can't remember if it got any response.

Running back is physically one of the toughest positions on the body.
So i suggested maybe trying Tight End or MLB/LB like Paul Poslunsky or Kawika in Buffalo.
I'm sure there are others; he's super athletic , he was just an olympian.
2 bad , wish him the best.

It's official now

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Eskimos release Jesse Lumsden
Rick Zamperin

The Edmonton Eskimos have released running back Jesse Lumsden.

Lumsden, who signed as a free agent with Edmonton last year, suffered a season ending shoulder injury in the Esks season opener last season.

The former Ticat has not yet received medical clearance to play football.

Tiger-Cats GM Bob O'Billovich tells CHML News they have no interest in re-acquiring Lumsden at this point.

The son of former Eskimo Neil Lumsden, started his CFL career in Hamilton when he was signed in the first round (sixth overall) in the 2005 CFL Canadian Draft.

Over four seasons (30 games) in the McMaster graduate carried the ball 285 times for 1,797 yards and 9 touchdowns.

He also recorded 49 receptions for 630 yards and 2 touchdowns over 4 seasons.

Lumsden has won CFL Player of the Week awards 6 times in his career and the Player of the Month award once.

He was Hamilton’s nominee for CFL Most Outstanding Rookie in 2005.

Hello Winnipeg or Toronto.
Or maybe retirement.
Best of luck Lummer, sux your career never really took off.

Jesse is great kid But I think He may Retire and Be just a Bobsled Guy now
We've all seen how good he can be

Bring him back to Hamilton, trade Keith. He's healthy and should be able to play a full game this season. Would be a great addition.

His own playing style is what made this happen in the end. I will give him credit for playing so aggressive and fearless but it's no good when you can never play more than 3 games in a row.

Best of luck to him.

When he was healthy, he was a treat to watch. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy, he'd have had an outstanding career.

Ain't gonna happen. When he was with Hamilton he messed up the import ratio everytime he got hurt. That put us in a huge hole. The Esks experienced that to some extent last year and it appears they weren't going to go that route again this season. I don't see Hamilton reliving that nightmare either. The only way I'd bring Jesse back is as a slotback.... maybe.

Just to play devils advocate, if he came in as a backup, and played limited snaps, he'd be the same as any other canadian backup running back in the league, and there's alot of them.

The FAN590 reported that he wasn't able to get medical clearance to play. Too bad because he was a helluva back when he was healthy. I wonder what he'll do now.

An Argo-Cat fan

yeah i suggested that too when i talked about the possibility of him trying different positions,that maybe he could develop a "juke step" and/or move laterally in and out; watch some PinBall tapes.Or even be what is described as a "water-bug" Runnning Back.But the major hardship there would be he would have to lose a good amount of lbs and if he was getting hurt as his current size playing a Jerome Betis style game, the smaller frame would counteract the new style of play (perhaps?).

  • that would of been something for him to begin to develop in his first off season, not now.
    But Jesse will be successful wherever he goes/does, he's a winner.

As far as people thinking Winnipeg or TO (he would be the first Argo i ever cheered for), You gotta take note of the fact that in the article posted it said he was not cleared by the MD.
That's just an insurance issue , he might not be allowed to play in the CFL whether he wants to or not.
But good luck to him.

What a pivotal moment in Lumsden's career and the team when he and his dad turned down Obie's contract offer. In the time it would have taken for Lumsden to restablish himself here or fail to stay healthy again could there have been a circumstance where Cobb could have emerged as the team's best back?

Not a complete surprise, of course. All the very best to him, and I hope for his sake, he considers his health more carefully than his heart.

X2. All the best to Jesse, but I hope he knows when to call it quits.

Try him at fullback and ST guy.

Love to have him back....was sorry to see him go in the first place.

He screwed himself over by leaving Hamilton.Nobody asked him to go, he wanted to go to Daddy's team.Wish him luck, but don't want him back.Cobb's the man now.

Interesting you say that. Drew Edwards just made a post that basically says Obie would only be interested in Lumsden if he was willing to be a FB and even then only maybe. Thats the jist of the Obie statements.

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