Jesse Lumsden Olympian?

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Are you allowed to go on the D.L during the olympics ? Who will the back up be ? (Gizmo)

The Olympics are in Feb, there is no need to go on the DL for them. Training is another matter

Hey if it gives Canada a shot at a Gold in Bobsled then why not, J.L will be in shape from football , so he will have 3 and a half months to train with the B.S(no pun intended) Team! :thup:

If anything it will teach him to run lower.He has an upright running form now which leads to his many injuries.

Break a Leg Jesse :slight_smile:

Re-canmorefan-"If anything it will teach him to run lower.He has an upright running form now which leads to his many injuries"------------------ Have you seen the clips of the plays Lumsden was injured?? the first shoulder injury ,he had broken through the Eskimo,s front 7 it was a desperation shoe tackle, and he landed on his shoulder! the second shoulder injury was a late hit by a Dlineman while three other defenders where trying to bring him down. please stop the B.S about his "running style ":roll: IF the refs dont call late hits, running backs get hurt. .

Woot! Now he can get injured and miss an entire season just like Garbojosa a couple seasons ago.

Just because it was a desperation toe tackle doesn't mean jesses upright running style isn't a factor in that injury. IMO opinion, if his running style was different, his body position during the "shoe tackle" should have been different as well, and that would mean he woulda came down alot different than he did. Who knows? Maybe if he ran a little bit different he might not have been caught at all. I don't however have an excuse for the late hit, that wasn't in any way his fault.


I'll second that. :roll: :roll:

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Maciocia believes a minor modification in Lumsden's running style could cure his injury-prone history.

The Esks staff looked at a lot of films at the running back who missed the back end of the last two seasons with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and believe they know why he’s had so many hurts.

He’s been just a bit too upright,” said Maciocia. “He’s the nail instead of the hammer.”

Well, now, before we go acting like that's the word of God, let's consider the source... :lol:

If one looks for them, numerous such comments about Jesse' running style from many many pundits can be found.

Good thing I was only joking then. :smiley:

You have a sense of humour.....?

Seems like Jesse is a step closer to being an Olmian today.

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