Jesse Lumsden now with Redskins

Lumsden signed a 2-year deal with the redskins.. wish you the best jesse..

ouch that hurts now I am glad Calgary did not pick that loser! No I wish him the best!

Ouch!! That will hurt the Ti-Cats.

Thats to bad, the CFL lost a good one in Lumsden..this was his break out year..
Maas and Lumsden would of been a great mix,.oh well Tie Cats loose, every other CFL team wins in this one.

Not really he played what three games what can you show in three games!

Again Hank stats son stats

He showed that he had quick feet and the ability to wrap up the ball...
Sorry for not showing his personal stats, but just maybe the Skins reconize talent..
Just maybe they don't make all decisions based on yourself and your other self, redwhite..

So youare against stats. I see so when you go buy a car you do not look under the hood to see if has a motor. Hmmm I have some swamp land to sell you. Oh sorry you have that already.

Ever here the phrase...Stats are for
Yes they have there merits, but all decisions are not based on stats..
Some are based on potential..

Okay yes I have heard of the term but it is incorrect because one stat wins and losses is a stat that is required for any comptetion so Hank you are wrong again.

I have asked you several times how do you measure potential simple question and since you are using potential I would like to know?

You measure potential in many different ways, If it is a rookie you look for fundamental skill.
If it is a vet your trading for, just maybe he has potential, because he'll contribute in an area you lack..
Potential of an athlete can change with conditioning and mental health..with a change of team also..

[quote="hankthetank"]You measure potential in many different ways, If it is a rookie you look for fundamental skill.
If it is a vet your trading for, just maybe he has potential, because he'll contribute in an area you lack..
Potential of an athlete can change with conditioning and mental health..with a change of team also..[/quotOh my god I am talking with Taman ha ha ha ha the guy would not know a football player unless the guy told him. Potential is from scouting reports. People that are professionals that keep track of the players STATS and then the y grade them. Even though they have potential does not mean they are good. They can fail. Have you had enough or do you want me to embarass you more.

I can honestly say I'm glad this turd is off this team. I wish him the best, this is good news for the Tabbies, now the door is open for us to go after Ranek. I accept that I will get attacked for bad mouthing Lumsden, but I never wanted this loser on my team and I hope he never comes back. And a multi-year deal means ever off-season, Ti-cats fans don't have to worry every year after year if this is the year that unproven "savour" doesn't come back. Again, all the best to Lumsden and good luck, just don't come back to the Tiger Cats ever again. Now go get Ranek!

Red05 you are not embarassing me at all...just your self... Stat Man...
So what your actually saying is all professionals look at just stats...Bull $hit..
You could be the best offensive lineman in the CFL, and play with the worst offensive line..
Just maybe your supporting cast isn't doing there job, there goes the stats...
True professional management will see through this, and make the correct call..

Really then I guess the olinemans potential goes down as well. I am sure you know scouts view film and check out stats on the oline they are on. Tell me then I am going embarass you again how do you measure potential. Fundmentals is nothing a rookie can learn fundamentals. What is the measuring stick that says this football player is good please tell me. When a player plays on a team it is a team sport. If you see the defensive liman blow through on the left side what does that tell you. Or if that lineman continually has to hold and get flagged what is that potential or is that not a stat please you are making me laugh at you.

Laughing at me..the point you are trying to say is , a player is graded on stats alone...
Defensive linman A is being double teamed all day, he gets one sack to his sack count..
Defensive lineman B is working on just one offensive lineman, he gets three sacks..
In your theory, three sacks are better than one, so defensive lineman B is better...
Stop... your making yourself look stupid...but keep laughing...

Really Hank, they do keep stats for all positions other wise it is guess work. Yes the scouts view film but they also consider stats. There are many variables that make up those stats that helps rate the player. Those variables for receivers would be how good is the QB throwing to them, routes they do etc. Am I losing you yet. But the fact is the main part of rating them would have to bbe stats.

Yes I know they keep stats in all positions, but it's still hard to distinguish a players worth on stats alone.
The athlete comes into play when rating his talent level, like I said his mental wellbeing is a huge factor.
A great book out there for sports fans to read and understand the Athlete, is Pat Rileys Winner with in.
Yes he's a basketball coach, but it still applies to all sports, he breaks down the potential and talent understanding
I was given the book many years ago, when I first got into coaching Hockey, it is like a coaching manual..
If you find this book red05 try reading it, a little education doesn't hurt....

Really Hank you are going to educate me I see. Is this book a comic book. I want you to go to Milt Stegal and ask how his metal welbeiong is ha ha ha ha. Really Hank it has been fun chatting with you in the past hour or so but I have come to realize you know nothing other then you can make statments that stats are nothing and the Bomber recievers are better then the Stamp receivers. I will let you keep believing this so you can sleep tonight. It was real fun I assure you1 Just to funny.

Anyway red05, it's been nice chatting with you also..sorry for any insults I hurled your way..

I feel kinda bad now about stealing Davis from Hammer i had assumed jesse was staying there...what a blindside!