Jesse Lumsden/Marwan Hage/Phillip Gauthier

The new Black and Gold Magazine is out with a journal written by Jesse during his time in El Salvador. Phillip Gauthier talking about the two months he spent in Thailand and Vietnam and a profile on Marwan Hage, who grew up in and still spends part of his off-seasons in Beirut. It also has a feature on Missy of the Ticats cheerleaders who used to work onboard a cruise ship.

Check it out:

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This issue was very good.

Keeping the Black and Gold magazine going through the off-season is a great move by the Cats. How many other pro sports teams do this for their fans?

How many other pro sport teams can see their fans wear their hats, jackets, t-shirts etc during the off season? We the can fans are like no other fan anywhere!!!

The issue is great.

Adobe Flash Player 9 on my machine hides the control bar in black on the black background above the page. Zoom works great if you can find the buttons 'above the fold'.

Perhaps the background should be gold around the magazine to help me zoom.

Anyone else have this problem?
BTW, the pdf file downloads from the Adobe Icon.

Thanks for the snow time reading.

Oskee wee wee.

Love the magazine.

They should put it in print and sell subscriptions! I love reading magazines. Online is great but having it in my hands makes it better.

You could put out 12 per year and sell them at games and at the store. They already put the work into writing articles and putting a lot of graphics work into it but why not just print it like they did a couple times during the year.

Making the Ticats visible during the off season only makes things better for them. If you read the spec, you see signings and the schedule but don't really do anything until the season starts.