Jesse Lumsden likely to miss saturdays game.

It seems that Jesse will be out yet another game due to his injured shoulder according to head coach Charlie Taaffe. Sportsnet is reporting that Jesse did not participate in practice on Wednesday.

sorry if this is old news but I figured a thread NOT about casey printers would be in order.

Anthony Davis to start? or would you give it to Terry Caulley?

Davis should start. He will get better with some playing time and hopefully turn into a good backup for Lumsden for a while.

Jesse is keyed on a lot and therefore hit a lot. We need a good backup for him and Davis is the best bet right now. I'm sure Caulley will get a few carries.

ticats should look to make a trade for a non-import from toronto like jeff johnson or andre durie.

Anthony Davis is a great back , and just needs a number of "reps" on practise and games to show it is so...

If Hage can get the snaps down that the QB can hand the ball off with a "deke", and the OLine can "run block" (and of course, this won't be called up on each and every first down!)it can and will be effective!

Anthony is a great RB!

Caulley, at this point, is a great prospect, but has too few "reps" to be regarded as a replacement for AD or Lumsden, and if AD gets injured, we are going to "enjoy" a "world of hurt" beyond what our hapless QB's are already giving us...


If Hage can get the snaps down that the QB can hand the ball off with a "deke",

Good point. He had a game earlier in the season where his snaps were usually high, but generally all over the place. The last game was more of the same.

Also, keep in mind that Lumsden was hurt in the Edmonton game on that shoestring tackle by Gass. That was one month ago. What did Hamilton promptly do? Trade Holmes for a kick return specialist :roll:

Two weeks in a row for Jesse. How bad is he hurt?