Jesse Lumsden is a beast!

As of right now he's running all over the Lions defense, averaging 15 yards a carry! They aren't easy yards either, wow this guy has impressed me a lot against one of the top defenses in the league.

158 yards rushing if I'm not mistaken. Damn impressive.

And now Hamilton is getting the short end of some poor flags. Paris Jackson interfers with the defender and then gets the pass interference call to go his way, which followed a bad spearing call on the Ti-cats as well.

Yeah, I really don't understand how the official could miss that. He was staring right at them, made no moves when Paris shoved the guy out of his way, but let loose his flag when Paris was hit. Are you kidding me?

Selective vision I think.

Put an asterix next to this win for BC. Hamilton was robbed.

Well they weren't doing a lot offensively save for Lumsden so I think they would have been hard pressed to hang on, but BC was the beneficiary of some questionable calls.

Over 200 yards of total offense. He was awesome tonight. Him and Setta had great games

The only thing Hamilton was robbed of was their dignity. BC played arguably the worst game in the history of the Canadian Football League and still pulled off the W to remain 4-0. We had so many $H!++Y flags against us and all y'all can do is disregard them. I guess that's what happens when you're the best.

I love the Ticats though. Talman Gardner is singlehandedly and quickly turning around the Ticats organization. His positive attitude, unmatched work ethic, and speedy maneuvers are really taking a positive toll on the organization.

Honestly the only major difference in this game for the Lions was the fact that their defense didn't cause a lot of turnovers. Their offense hasn't clicked for more than a drive or two per game so far through 4 games, and they made a couple of bad throws.

ya but the lions o never could play a full game of football. just enough to pull off a W. but lumsden ran all over the lions and i was happy to watch. the ti-cats just showed us all that once again the lions are alot weaker then they look. Great game boys.

Such as? I don't recall a single questionable penalty against the Lions, but those two in particular (spearing, pass interference in end zone) basically put the game out of reach.

The spearing was questionable. From one angle it appeared that Anderson may have led with his helmet, but from the original angle (the one the official saw) it didn't look like he did at all. The hit was not late, as it took place before the whistle and while Jackson was still pushing for more yards. I say it was a bad call, but I could be wrong on that one.

However, it appears that the officials need schooling in what constitutes pass interference. Karikari reached around Jackson to knock the ball away, and a couple of years ago they changed the rules to allow that, including some contact, provided the defender makes contact with the football, which he clearly did.

The worst rule in the CFL is the inability to challenge a penalty. This means that, even with video review, the officials retain the right to decide who wins and who loses. How can they say that they may be wrong about whether a player was in bounds or out, but cannot possibly be wrong about whether a player was offside? Or they may have been mistaken when they said the player had control of the football, but there is no way they can be mistaken when they say a player is holding?

Lumsden was a beast. He's definitely gonna be a star in the CFL. And I agree the Lions were on the beneficiaries of a few bad calls on the Ticats but isn't that the case in every CFL game.

Lumsden was awesome. He is the future for the Ti-Cats.

Thanks Talman is great WR..
I wanted him last year
When we cut him
we are lucky to have him back.

I think the fact that we are 4-0 and haven't played one complete game on offence would suggest we are stronger than we look, not weaker. BC fans and coach Buono are complaining about our lack of finish on the offensive side of the ball, yet we still continue to find ways to win. That's what good football teams do.

When we finally find our offensive touch, watch out.

Don't give Lumsden too much credit. It doesn't take Mike Pringle to run through a hole in the defense. Credit the O-Line.

Spoken like a true arch rival and Ti-cat hater. Lumsden is going to be a great one in this league, and you cant stand it!

Lumsden was awesome allright and the Lions were ready to be had last night.
The Cats deserved to win, but unfortunately yet again no QB consistency, even though I thought it wa Maas' best game. But still not good enough.

Lumsden has good speed and hits holes hard. But I think back to that play in the second quarter when he couldn't even beat Korey Banks in the open field.

The O-Line had a lot to do with his production.

PS. I was rooting for the Ti-Cats last night.

Lord Lumsden is only 23 yards behind joe smith for 2nd in rushing now.