Jesse Lumsden Injury?

I was just wondering if anybody has heard what happend to Jesse during the 4th quarter where he looked to have hurt his shoulder. Any diagnosis?


Come on does anybody know???? 200 views and not 1 reply, I have been looking the net to see but cant find anything, I guess he is alright then and good we have a bye week for him to heal.

Sometimes if you want to get a job done
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He has a sore shoulder I’m sure, what else need be said? 1/8 separated, 1/4 separated, sprained ligaments, tendons, etc. it’s all the same unless it’s broken or severly damaged and then he wouldn’t have gotten back into the game. Maybe they don’t quite yet know the extent, it might be more sore than what the films show as damage?

He was one hand away from that guy not being able to trip him up, crap. :frowning:

2 weeks to heal.