Jesse Lumsden In Edmonton next year?

I remember watching Sportsnet when Hamilton signed Keith, and heard Mike Toth say that Lumsden would not be returning to Hamilton next year. He went on to say that he was very interested in playing for the Eskimos, like his father.That would be great if he came to northern Alberta, but honestly, how realistic is it? And with Maccocia in charge, will Lumsden stay with the team if he has bad training camp? (See Josh Ranek a couple of years ago), and can he stay healthy for a whole season? He would be the best thing that has happened to this team in a long time. But like I said above, how realistic is Lumsden coming next year?

I'm not sure how realistic it is, but having him and AJ Harris in the backfield... watch out!

its quite realistic that he'll sign with the eskies.....but not very realistic at all that he'll be play more than 50% of the season :smiley:

Rumour out here in Vancouver that the grass will be easier for Lumsden, less wear and tear on him. The rumour was that when Hamilton played there a few weeks ago, Jesse was house hunting.

Like I said, it'd certainly be nice to have Harris and Lumsden... Back Edmonton hasn't exactly been known for its great running game over the last few years. I'll wait and see what happens.

is that why he's gotten hurt in each of the 2 games he's played in Edmonton?

yah the Eskimos are looking for a talented piece of glass to sit on the bench!!

Since Jesse's contract was very top heavy most of the money he would earn this year would already have been paid. It would be in enmontons interest(maybe) to trade for him before the playoffs, especially if he is going to end there anyways. Makes for a very strong running game in the cold wheather playoffs.

But if we trade, then we have to give something up... We have good receives and and good running backs. I'd rather not give up one of them for Lumsden.

I think If Lumsden does get traded to Edmonton it will be for an O-lineman or D-lineman......2 names keep coming up: Guillory and Fiacconi.

are they any good?

Guillory has probably seen more playing time than Lumsden this year, Fiacconi was on the field last season IIRC, but has mostly road the bench or the PR this season. Wouldn't trade 'em for Lumsden though, if I were the powers that be.

I don't know much about either guy, but I'm not sure I'd start trading O-linemen, not unless we could get some quality O-linemen in another trade. Our line is kind of shoddy already. We don't need to be losing guys.



O'Billovich thinks it's a toss up as to whether or not the 26-year old running back returns to the black and gold in 2009.

"The ball is definitely in Jesse's corner as far as what he might want to do for the future as far as his remaining playing days.

"If he takes the position that maybe he needs a change of scenery, it is not going to make any difference what we say, how much we want him to be here, or how he can fit in with our guys and all that stuff. We'll just have to play it by ear. It will just be a wait and see thing," he told the Spectator.

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That to me doesn't sound like he's going to try very hard to keep Lumsden in Hamilton... But what I don't like is in the article, they mention Lumsden is going for his second surgery on the same shoulder. That doesn't exactly fill me with a lot of confidence.

This is why I never wanted to trade for him. We have Harris and McCarty. If we can pick up Lumsden as a FA, great. Otherwise, he's not worth it.

Lumsden would be an absoutely horrible palyer in Edmonton. Edmonton has to excellent backs in Harris and McCarty and it is time they get the football more to show what they can do. Edmonton needs to put faith in thier young players and help them to develop. It has worked in Calgary and look at how unstoppable they are.

who wants him?? leave him in hamilton or montreal we got enough cripples here in edm

Lumsden is over rated... he isnt worth one of our guys, we already have 2 amazing runningbacks (Harris, McCarty)
itd be best if he didnt come to Edmonton, hes injury prone, after hes done in Hamilton, itll be lights out on his career, the only thing id like to maybe see him doing is putting him back there with Jackson to return kick offs, thatd be amazing... till Lumsden got hit, and injures his shoulder 4 games into the season... LMAO


Ticats are not making an offer till after FA..
If Jesse wants to be guy he won't in Hamilton .
Ticats want to go with Running back by Commodity