Jesse Lumsden in contract talks with TIGER-CATS!!!

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According to a report on MOJO Radio 730 in Vancouver, former McMaster Marauder running back Jesse Lumsden has begun negotiating a contract with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Lumsden, 23, was drafted 6th overall by the Ticats this year and was recently cut from the NFL's Seattle Seahawks after missing much of training camp with a hip injury.

Lumsden had wanted to explore other opportunities in the NFL before coming to the CFL, and it appears that negotiations have begun in earnest, with both sides submitting contract proposals.

While not expecting to have Lumsden in the lineup for this week's game against Toronto, Hamilton is hopeful that Lumsden will be in uniform for next week's contest against the Calgary Stampeders.

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At 6-foot-2, 228 pounds, Lumsden has rare size and speed for a Canadian running back and he won the Hec Creighton Trophy last year as Canada's outstanding university player rushing for more than 1,800 yards and scoring a CIS-record 21 touchdowns.

With Troy Davis currently starting in the Tiger Cats' backfield, Lumsden would figure to see time as a kick returner in addition to spelling Davis offensively.

I'm looking forward to seeing Lumsden in his home team's colours.

It would open up the possibility of putting in an extra import occasionally, say as a receiver, by putting Lumsden in for Davis. Of course Troy would still be our number one guy, but this gives the club some more options on offence.

Plus, while I hope they make a serious effort to get Davis back under contract, there is the distinct possibility that he'll sign elsewhere when he becomes a free agent. If that happens, it'll be good to have a Hec Creighton winner who holds a few CIS records, and who has a half-year or so experience in our offence, to take his place. And being a young guy, he could end up being here for a long time. :smiley:

Brendon Tamon has reported that an offer has been made for the rights to lumsden, Bombers would not disclose any more information, but Troy Westwood's name was later leaked by inside sources, to be the player in return.I will keep you posted on later news....

Headline for CFL at

"The Score has learned Tiger-Cats & RB Jesse Lumsden agree on 1-year contract...
plus option for 2006; Will be announced Monday."

Anyone knows whose option they generally refer to when they blindly announce "option". I.e. if it's Lumsden's option then that essentially means he's buying his time to get some workout for the rest of the year while receiving a paycheque or two. Of course he won't be going anywhere beyond the CFL though.

It will be great to have a potentially excellent Canadian here in Hamilton playing for the TiCats, he will help our special teams immensely especially with returns.
I also agree that he will be here for the long term, there are so many backs in the States graduating from college every year that run 4.4-4.7 40's and run low to ground, which the NFL likes, and have Jesse's weight of 225 lbs. Jesse is too tall for today's NFL style running back, unless he weighed 240 lbs. But I do see him as a potential CFL star, I don't think superstar, but star, especially if he plays at the slotback position. But he is a rookie, and as with all rookies in any league, you just don't know what you will get when they play agains't better competition at a pro level. We will find out shortly if Jesse has what it takes to be able to compete at the CFL level.

Great news for the Ti-Cats and the CFL.

great scoop...........and great news for the CATS and the CFL.........but even in the is a long jump from collage to the PROS........but good luck to him. I don't like his dad......I think that he wants the NFL thing more than he did.

Generally, all CFLers have contracts for X years + one option year. That is because in the CFL/NFL agreement, a player can be hired by an NFL team when he's in his option year only (or when he's a free agent, of course).

So if you sign for 3 years + option, it means you won't be able to leave for the NFL until at least three years. That is why there are only few long terms contracts in the CFL. As guys get older, they want longer contracts because they then know they won't go in the NFL anymore (like Calvillo who signed a four year extension with the Als last fall)

If no NFL team wants you, then your option year is just one more year to your actual contract. Like Casey Printers is actually in his option year. He would want more money, he would want to get a starting role, but he can't do anything because his option year gives him no option other than staying with the Lions until Febuary 13.

I wanna say to all congrats to the ticats on getting this guy who i think will be a star in the CFL.

i say this guy wasnt proven him self yet.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree BigGreenMachine. Don't overlook Lumsden's injuries. It sounds like he's still hurt. I wouldn' expect too much from him this season. Next season maybe. My bet is he might really hit his stride three seasons in...just in time to give the NFL another shot.

I agree, I think he will be one of the biggest busts in CFL history, injury prone and running in the cfl isnt like the cis, he has to prove that he can stay healthy and hit the holes.