Jesse Lumsden has Shoulder surgery again

Was just Watching the Pregame Show on TSN they Said Jesse Lumsden has Shoulder surgery Again today
He doing fine.. GL Bud ..

I think its time for him to hang'em up shoulders are the worst injury even after surgery it'll just keep coming out again and again. Except each time itll pop out easier and easier. Quit now while you still can function with that are and do normal activities. He has his name pursue some business ventures or get on with life after football.

I hope he dose what ever he believes is the right choice! Best wishes J.L!

My suggestion to the young man would be to take the rest of this season and next season off, fully recover and then try to sign with a team. I wish him all the best. Great heart and tools but his body let him down. Hope he can make it back.

He has no choice. It was season-ending shoulder surgery, as it was described. Too bad. It's a tough break, but this is the end of the line I think.

I Really Hope He dose what He Feels is Best .
He still has Chance at Gold Medial at Olympics as a Bobsleder.
If he want try again Football That up to him and His Friend I’ll Support Him.


...after listening to the advice of his doctors.

Best wishes for a complete recovery, Jesse.


Why is it that layman who know nothing about
the specifics of the state of Jesse's shoulder

are always so quick to chime in with advice,

well-meaning or otherwise?

I am sure it is more annoying than appreciated for Jesse.

Because most TiCat fans want to see Jesse successful, but even laymen can tell it wasn't meant to be.

Of course he'll do what he thinks is best. What else would he do?

I'm sure he'll listen to his doctor, his trainers, his father, and others. Then he'll decide. I hope he has a good recovery, and it works out well for him, regardless of football.

Because most TiCat fans want to see Jesse successful?

If these fans wanted Jesse to be a success
they wouldn't advise him to quit football

nor would they annoy him by telling him to quit.

I've had 4 operations on my knees mainly for torn and loose cartilage and to be honest, my knees are about in the best shape now in my 50's then they've been in my life. I was born with a double lobed kneecap and they had to file it down in high school, used to blow up while playing high school football and hockey, my knees always hurt.

And that is right, we don't know exactly the nature of these operations, if he takes a full year off, maybe two, he might be able to come back and play for a couple of years at a high level and really help the Eskies or someone, who knows.

It not that people are happy the guys injured and can't wait for him to retire. From my stand point his shoulder will never be 100% again. Shoulders dislocations are the worst injuries look how easy it went out this time each time even after surgery it gets easier and easier. I know people who now can't even swim without the shoulder coming out. Myself I don't want to ever see a man not lead a functional life which the rate things are going he won't. Lets just say my point is it worth your health to play for the peanuts he makes in the CFL now if millions of dollars were at stake I'd say give it a go, but 60k a season plus bonuses he will likely never see and no pension. He doesn't have loads of money or a stable pension to fall back on and he is going to need that arm to work after his career is done.

ADAWG, we don't know what the specialist doctors are telling him though. I have to assume these specialists will tell him to hang it up and not allow him to play if it is that bad. I would think so anyways.

I love Jesse.

I was a big supporter of him when he was here.

I didn't think he was injury prone until he hurt himself last year.

I hate to say it but I think it's time to get into the coaching or scouting ranks. 3 surgeries on the same shoulder (I KNOW THAT THE OPERATIONS WERE ON 3 DIFFERENT PARTS!!!) and I don't know how much more this shoulder can take.

Jesse good luck on what ever choices you make. :thup:

I worry that as he gets older, the damage he has done to his body will affect his quality of life.
Football is a game. It is not how one defines himself.
I'm sure he feels that he can contribute and wants to live his dream. Like Dick Butkus, the toll on the body will not show itself until later in life.

Although Socrates, is he living his dream? All I remember a few years ago from what I read in the papers his dream was playing in the NFL. I never heard him say once his dream was pro football in general and no mention of the CFL as his dream. Maybe his definition of football dream changed though when he realized the NFL was not to be. :?

It has to stay a dream, hell I even had a dream to play in the NFL.

Now Jamal Johnson, our new great LB, wears Lumsden's old #, and Lumsden is all but done in pro football.

What a difference a year makes.

Jesse should have become a Sunday school teacher if he's so worried about the fans giving there opinion, that is what fans do.Just look at the old Tiger cats hanging around the city half of them can barely walk,I'm sure a lot of them got the doctor advice to continue playing.Health is #1 Mr. Lumsden these fans won't give a crap about you a few years down the road it sounds like a few have thrown you under the bus already.