Jesse Lumsden has been cut by the Redskins!

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Thanks for that link.

Well, some saw this coming, in particular after Washington acquired another running back. And until then, it really did look like he was going to make it that time.

Nice try Jesse, but it looks like you're coming back here. For now, anyway. With Holmes, Ranek, Davis, and Hill already on the team, new GM Marcel Desjardins might have make a trade.

Trade Josh "I dont like whoever my coach is" Ranek and sign Jesse to a 2 and 1 (if possible). Put Jesse on special teams and give Corey Holmes the starting running back position for now.

Yup i got it all figured out.

theres the link, as it says tho he can still make the practice roster if no other teams signs him…will he be back up here?!

I'm sure he is disappointed, maybe another team will take a crack at him but with him being so unproven in 4 down ball, don't think so. They have lots of guys there who have learned the game with better competetion than CIS ball and who can run as fast as Jesse could on special teams and that, although he is big for as fast as he runs.
Hopefully he wants to play here still.

Ah, another new nickname for Ranek. Well, I am not so sure if the one he was given will catch on.


Anyway, it does look like we have another free agent to sign by the end of the year. That’s Holmes, Hill, and now Lumsden. That’s something that’ll have to be done in addition to bringing in a much different coaching staff.

I’ll be back to comment more on this as the week leading up to Labour Day continues.

I couldnt agree more…Josh Ranek is having a horrible year. I would prefer to have LUMSDEN in our backfield over him. Lets try to sign LUMSDEN to a 3 or 4 yr deal, and let HOLMES play out the rest of his contract. If he wants back next year ( and why he would I hae no clue) then lets sign him to play more of a slotback / returner role. But I think RANEK has showed nothing and is only here becuase PAOPAO brainwashed MARSHALL into beleiving he could help.

Didn't Josh Ranek run up some 160 yards on the ground agains't Winnipeg? I would not want to let a guy like that go just so easily, why not see how he does under the new regime?

keep ranek, if lumsdem really wanted to play in hamilton he would have stayed, its obvious he his "chasing his dream" and hamilton isnt part of it.

Unforunately for Jesse running backs are a dime a dozen in the states, especially big backs trying to crack the pros.

Too bad for him though.

maybe this will quiet down the people that think he is the next coming of christ. i wish no ill will on jesse but it gets tiresome hearing hes not coming back hes on the team from people that have no clue as to how hard it is to make an nfl team or think that he is that good. in anycase he will be a much needed addition to the cats and maybe help draw some fans to the next few home games. and if you think i am going to say i told you so then your wrong im not like that. welcome back jesse

playmaker wrote:

keep ranek, if lumsdem really wanted to play in hamilton he would have stayed, its obvious he his "chasing his dream" and hamilton isnt part of it.
No, he was trying for the NFL, doesn't mean that he doesn't want to play in the CFL if the NFL doesn't work out for him. Man, I'm no brain surgeon but your concept of logic is just plain bad.

Time to Call the Al's or Edmonton Again...

Maybe they'll take Ranek :wink:

Will he come back or won't he? Quoting from

"Lumsden remains a candidate for the Redskins' practice squad, should he go unsigned by this Sunday, Sept. 3"


Who cares.

depends if he wants to play with scout team and earn 100k american, or get touches, get a lot of reps in practice, and earn around 60k canadian.

Got I hope they offer him it..
I don't want him back in a Hamilton Jersey

Did u want Hill or Woodard back?

it just seems to me that he is a cocky kid that believes he is entitled to a starting job in nfl, he has to realize that the the numbers he put up in the CIS are useless when it comes to nfl training camps, the CIS calibure is on the same level as juco in the states, once he coems to realizer that his only chance at a pro career is being a non-import in Canada.