Jesse Lumsden cut by Seahawks

yup, dont have a link, but i heard he was cut

it was reported on sportsnet...he has 10 days to find a new NFL team or he goes to THE TIGER-CATS!!!!

heres the LINK:

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That sucks for him, but I'm sure the ti-cats are thrilled.

he is injury prone.

I agree with you 100%. It possibly cost McMaster a chance at going to the Vanier Cup, and it cost him a chance in the NFL.

maybe the CFL,as well.

Jesse Lumpsden released from seattle! I know Hamilton drafted him so they will have Lumpsden's rights. is he planning to come back to the CFL and when?

already started a thread on this

Nevertheless, I'm sure the Ti-Cats will appreciate having him ...

Granted, they don't need a RB as badly as a QB!

and, it's Lumsden, not Lumpsden ... unless that's supposed to be a pun ... in which case it would be a pretty bad one :?


Lumsden will be welcome by the TiCats for sure but only if his heart is in it to play in the CFL (someguys after they get cut never recover their enthusiasm enough to play well in the CFL) and if it isn't, he won't be a good CFL player. My guess he will exhaust all avenues in the NFL first before he comes here.
But if we get a healthy Jesse, and I don't think he is necessarily injury prone, and a Jesse who just wants to play football no matter where, we will have a star in the making in the Hammer.
Come on Jesse, you will fit in nicely with the Cats!

Gotta love what was said in the Seahawks Insider at

"Finally, the team announced the release of UDFA running back Jesse Lumsden. Lumsden was a college sensation at McMaster University in Toronto..."

Amazing what the Americans know about our great land up here!

Dude, I’ve seen the results of a survey in 2003 in which they asked Americans about what they knew of Canada.

The question that was correctly answered by the most people was “Who is the Canadian Prime Minister?”… A total of 8 % of respondents had that answer right !!! And that was the highest score. Incredible.

Among other things, people had no idea where was the Parliement. They thought Toronto was our national capital, they thought most of us were still living in igloos, they issued about 12 different numbers when asked how many provinces there are in Canada, they couldn’t name them, etc.

This was so depressing !

Why, with the possible exception of $ which they will never/or usually never secure because of NFL politics etc., do Canadian players coming out of the CFL or CIS put themselves through in the nonsensicle NFL tryout charade? Making a comfortable living in the CFL is surely attractive. I say Lumsden fell victim to the crap NFL and combination Southern Ontario Centre of the Universe media hype.

Depressing??? Think about it for a sec. If the average american is no smarter then your average radiator cap, then you won't have to worry about those idiots immigrating to your country and bringing the collective IQ down to that of a lamp shade :wink:

The "problem" (if that is what you want to call it), lies in the fundamental differences between the Canadian and American school systems - in particular, the history courses. Whereas American history education has, as its focus, an in-depth look at American history, thereby creating a deep-seeded American patriotism and understanding, Canada has, as its focus, a more general look at all histories - worldwide. Although it ticks me off that some Americans tend to know very little about my country, I can't see huge faults with either system - it wouldn't hurt us to be more patriotic, and it wouldn't hurt them to know more about other countries.

Yes - you are correct. The classic 'they know nothing about our country' routine is commonly used by angst canadians .... I've heard it a million times ... How much do you or I know about greenland? its the same sh!t. .. Americans know little of Canada because they simply don't have to .... just much like we don't have to know much of greenland ... its a different education system with different priorities ...

it doesn't make them bad people ... or any more or less ignorent than us ... they just learn different things ... comparing two countries based on ones perception of what the other one knows about the other, is almost, if not just as ignorent as the claim!

People that use that arugment to fuel and encourage anti-american Ra-Ra are generally pretty stupid people themselves ... and haven't put any of their own thought behind the idea, other than passing along the same anti-american Ra-Ra that someone spouted off to them .... its a really bad thing ..


If you think that's bad, try asking them abou there Histroy and their Geougraphry.

and it gets wosre, trying asking them abou the rest of the world. Most can't even locate France on a map!!!!

and yet if you ask an American about the "Boston Tea Party" or the "War of 1812", they would have no idea what it is.