Jesse Lumsden back in Hamilton?

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Jesse Lumsden has two options. Play for the Ticats or sit on the sidelines this fall.

It may sound like an ultimatum to the record-breaking McMaster running back -- play on our terms this year and next -- but Ticat general manager Marcel Desjardins says he simply needs some certainty in rebuilding the woeful team.

Lumsden saw his hopes of making a National Football League team wither when he was recently released by the Washington Redskins. No one else has called him and a 10-day window of opportunity to sign in the NFL has closed.

Desjardins wants him available next season as well as the rest of this one. That differs from his contract when he signed for one season with an option in the second that would allow him to try for the NFL again.

He was unsuccessful in making the Seattle Seahawks in 2005 and joined the Tiger-Cats in September, racking up 370 rushing yards and 153 yards in receptions over five starts.

Desjardins said the ball is in Lumsden's court.

"We're pretty much waiting for them to decide what they want to do. They really have two options, sitting out or coming back and playing here this year. And if they want to play here we need a contract in place for next year."

That means 2008 would be Lumsden's next opportunity to try for the NFL.

"We hope to talk to them (Lumsden's representatives) today and see where that leads," Desjardins said during the Ticats practice yesterday. "Obviously we want to get him here as soon as possible."

Lumsden is seen as a key building block, hence the two-season commitment.

"We need some certainty in terms of who we're going to have where," said Desjardins. "Committing to us would certainly go a long way to helping us figure things out."

Meantime, Lumsden's father Neil didn't believe signing to play next season was a stumbling block.

Though he stressed he is not part of the negotiation process, he said as a father he just wants to make sure his son is looked after.

i hope so, i would like him to play another 1/3 season with the TiCats and leave and tease them, so he can go back to the NFL again

this has potential to be very good for both the ticats and the future ottawa renegades....

hamilton gets a very talented, young CANADIAN RB, so that gives them room to add an import elsewhere...and he replaces corey holmes, who most know is going back to the riders after this season.

PLUS, the ticats can give up Ranek in the ottawa expansion draft, thus protecting other talent.

ottawa gets a star player the fans are familiar with, in ranek, and eventually will get palmer from the Als ( read article in thread; hunts golden gate bid will win )

for those who have forgotten how promising lumsden looked last season:

Why wouldn't you play ?(even if its 1/3 of a season) Better to get a pay cheque than not.

IMO i think this just brings false hope to your team :expressionless: what do the other players on the team think of a player who comes and goes or plays a 1/3 of the season, just to try out in the NFL and have Hamilton to fall back on :? I just think its bad chemistry for that team :wink:

....I think you guys missed the point....the decision is Lumsden's yes, but the choice is not to just play the last 1/3 of this season...Desjardins has basically said, you play the remaining 1/3 of this season, AND you commit to staying with us all next season, OR, you can sit out for the rest of this season because we have no use for you......

I am surprised that the Cats are not playing hardball with Lumsden. I would offer him the rest of this year plus two more and a third as an option.
Otherwise, once burnt twice shy and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

...I think Jesse would walk on that offer tom, the current one means he could still try out for the NFL in 2008......and it gives Hamilton a RB to build around for next year leaving Ranek or Holmes available for a trade to get something the Cats need.......

Certainly we all have wishes and aspire to do things, but reality check time has to kick in for him realizing how politics are at work more so then ability.
Even so there is no guarantee he can stick with the Cats or any other CFL team for a lengthy career.

I hope Lumsden does return to the Cats, so we can get Holmes back where he belongs-- in a Rider jersey.

I took a look at that link...and I have to say, while Lumsden looked pretty good, it was mostly against the Renegades...and we know what their record was last year...

Well I can say one thing they got a guy back with a fat head! This guy will never give it up! This is why I am glad the Stamps selected Robede! Yes we waited for him to finish his education but Lumsden is waisting his time trying to get a job down south! What he has waisted two years of his career! I think Hamilton should sign him and move him for something they could use like a good receiver. IMO!

Apperently it's official according to Sportsnet and our local Hamilton CH station, Jesse has signed a "long term" deal.

Jesse should have figured this out last year that he got a look see and that would be it! But I think his father is the one pushing him south! :lol: But if he has signed long term that is good now can he fit in and be a good player that he thinks he is!

So if you are Hamilton, there are too many RB and now Jesse as a fullback. Do you trade Ranek back to Ottawa which hopefully will return next year.
Holmes has been your best player and one would think is untouchable.

That is a tough one now is it not! I guess they have time to look at this further their season will be short.

I also forgot Radelin who is another FB and has been under used and is a stud.

Well my thinking (big deal) would be to have Jesse and Holmes! But then again that is me. But they will have time to experiment for sure!