Jesse Lumsden and Kick for a Million

Just wanted to let CFL fans know we got Jesse Lumsden on as well as TSN Brand Manager talking about Kick for a million. There is week 2 in the CJFL. thanks for following canadian football

Whatever you do, don't ask him if he's injury prone.

That would be a good question, but he didn't have an answer when asked what he would do if no one called him.

I hope that Calgary signs him. Then, if/when he scores a touchdown he can join in when they do the bobsled celebration.

Thats classic, only in Canada would we have a bobsled TD celebration!

What team could use Lumsden and possibly take the chance to sign him this year?

Saskatchewan is the only team that can afford him.

:P :P :P

What was Jesse lumsden nickname in Hamilton? Oh yah! GLASS TIGER thats because every time he gets hit he shatters like glass! :wink:

I don't think anyone would've gotten the joke if you hadn't explained it...

I thought they called him Glass Tiger because he used to have a mullet and looked like Alan Frew c.1983. :expressionless:

All he ever wanted was to be certain that we wouldn't forget him when he was gone. It would break his heart.