Jesse Lumsden-a Ticat

wow, all i gotta say is i just watched those videos of him playing for us last year, i dont remebr him being that wicked, we need this guy back!

That's exactly what I said in another thread! I'd forgotten how good he really was.

On his CHtv sportscast at 6:45 p.m., Ken Welch had a good report on the Jesse Lumsden situation. Apparently, as a starting point to negotations, the Ticats want Lumsden to commit to two years (2006 and 2007) plus an option for 2008. However, if Lumsden is intent on trying out for the NFL again next year, the Ticats will not sign him and he will become a free agent on February 16, 2007.

And land up in toronto so he can kick our
butts for the next decade!!!!!!!!!!

Lumsden's so freakin overrated. You could put a highlight real like that together of Corey Holmes over the last two weeks and he plays against the starters not against Ottawa's 2nd stringers. Get over him. Holmes is moving the ball like mad - the running game's not an issue anymore so stupid Jesse Lumsden's not gonna add anything unless he's planning to drop 20lbs. and play slotback.

IF He Dose not Sign a 2 Year Deal + an Option He won't be a Ticat ..

Plain and Simple..

I don't Think He Will Sign with Us Long Term..
He Still Thinks He an NFL Running back He is Not..

One word.


According to CHML this morning, GM Desjardins said he hopes to be talking with the Lumsden camp today (Wed.) and will be looking for Jesse to sign for the rest of this year and next year too.....

....this would be a good thing I believe. He's fun to watch and could really take some heat off our struggling QB's.

listen i was behind lumsden trying out for the nfl the first and second time …who wouldnt be but i think he is delusional if he really thinks that after two preaseason camps and one minute of playing time he is gonna be asked back. usually players are lucky to get into one camp nevermind two. he needs to get a hold of himself and realize he has accomplished a lot but wasnt good enough and now focus on his cfl career. lumsden camp?? lol thats a joke. this whole issue has turned into a joke and he has become the “great canadian hype”

Let him sit for the year until he becomes a "free agent". I'm sure the Ticats don't want to pay his big salary when they are paying Maas, Ranek and Holmes the big bucks.

Maas - Injured American
Ranek - Injured American
Holmes - As good as gone American

lumsden overated overhyped often injured canadian and soon to be overpaid seem somewhat obssesed with Jesse.While I agree with many points you've made about him (some I disagree with) you cannot let a thread go by without commenting on the hype about him or Jesse being overrated.Oh, by the way you contributed to his hype by starting threads about him, one I remmember was very popular and was many pages long.We know your feelings about Jesse...we got it and I know you think he could help this let him.Is there something about you and Jesse your not telling us? I'm being serious and I dont have all day to go back and forth with you on this subject...just wondering.

yeah i guess your right i have commented alot on the subject but as each new thread opens it seems like the misimformation and hype starts all over again. so i feel compelled to comment. but i have nothing personal against jesse its more the lumsden hype. i only speak facts although on this topic they may be getting repetitive. much like the topic.

Jesse is a welcome addition for sure ,especially with so many injuries at RB on all teams in the CFL.

I was wishing we'd draft Jesse ,we did ,and I'm happy he's back in a lack luster season of little entertainment football wise.

Home town players get some hype true ,but lets not be envious and jealous of a talented player who just wants to play his game ,I'm going to enjoy seeing him back in black & gold!!

All right!Go Jesse!

I liked this "fact" the best:

[b]Reasons jesse may be overhyped by hamilton fans..... [/b]
  1. dad had a strangle hold on media giving him more hype than the entire team or any player in recent history
[url=] ... ght=harper[/url]

And then one particularly witty contributor offered this response:

Ah, yes, the well-known Neil Lumsden Factor. Most of us know by now that Neil personally controls virtually every media outlet in the country. Perhaps it's inevitable given the position of power he holds as ... um ... what's his current job again? No matter, also by virtue of his completely unique status in Canada as a former CFL player. We all know how media types turn into fawning little schoolgirls at the mere mention of the CFL.

I don't think the story needs repeating, but as an FYI for those who were out of the country, Paul Martin has attributed his election loss to his failure to effectively court Neil Lumsden, in contrast to Harper, who parlayed Lumsden's support into favourable editorials across the country.

All hail Neil! Despite his position of absolute power, he rules over us with the utmost of compassion and good intentions.

(Just thought that warranted repeating)

lol so if i think a guy isnt as good as he is being advertised im jealous. ha. i guess all critics and non fans are jealous. good post. and dont forget your pompoms you _____

Eat em Raw.... NWO,

Listen Expat I would hardly think that your post disputes my statement. First of all to compare neil and his shamless plugs to neil and paul martin is ignorant. Secondly neil on "off the record" basically begged to get jesse on. Not to mention his ties with local media. Obviously I don’t believe he runs all media. He did play a huge part in getting the proverbial ball rolling.

Let's face it for all the PUB Jesse has got he has'nt done much really,except in the CIS.While I admire him for trying the NFL sadly for him, that ship has all but now lets see him commit to do it in the CFL.Personally, I think he'll have a good to almost great CFL carrer if put in the right position, but I wonder if he thinks this ownership and front office can do it. How things have gone since Mr. Young bought the team, I too would have some doubts.