Jesse Lumsden-a Ticat

Hurry up new GM and get #28 back in the black and gold. Give the fans SOMETHING to cheer about!!!! :thup:

Why, to get someone who doesn't want to play up here and will bolt the first chance he gets.

Why, to get someone who doesn't want to play up here and will bolt the first chance he gets.

Can he pass? otherwise no use for him or
we could put him on the practise roster in case of an injury.

Who said he doesn't want to play here. Did Jonta say that OR Kahill say that NOPE they had an opportunity, they took their chance, their back. What gives! This team is only as good as its CANADIAN players and Jesse is the best. Get over it and get him back.

If he wanted to be here he would be here by now! Besides he was interviewed at the Mac game and when the subject came up he said no comment.

nuff said IMO

And what comment would you have liked him to have said. If they are negotiating then isn't it best to keep mum about it? My understanding is that the Cats own his rights if they don't want him then TRADE him to a contender. OOPS didn't we do that last year with Troy Davis......what goes around and around the Tiger Cat MERRY go round. Like I said before YOU don't get rid of your TALENTED CANADIAN players....

I'm sure lots of discussions are currently going on behind the scenes.

First of all I have a small pet peeve with the author of this thread. Could you please put a ? at the end of your title to indicate you are aking a question instead of stating a fact with "Jesse Lumsden a Ticat". Very misleading, however, seing as how this is the only thread with this title I figured it was a speculative thread.

Am I the only one that is sick and tired of the hype around Jesse?

Is he that good, that valuable? I'm sure Marcel it talking to him and probably asking him what his intentions are toward the NFL. Does he want to try and attend another NFL camp if the opportunity presents itself?

I'm sure Marcel wants a multi year deal (assuming we want to retain his playing rights) and I'm sure if Jesse still has NFL aspirations he wants a deal just for the remainder of the year.

Who knows, who cares at this point.

I'm just so sick and tired of all the hype. I would love for him to play and be a star in Hamilton. This "sign him now" and "we need Jesse" stuff is just over the top IMO.

If he wants to sign a multi year, great, if he doesn't we'll get by without him life goes on.

Is that better! SHEESH if you don't like all the talk about Jesse don't read it. As for "Marcel" the new GM, lets see him start his tenure here with a good signing.

I agree both ways, yes, question mark should be used but also, no need to rag and rag like using a question mark is some sort of fatal error on the part of the thread initiator. The last thing I would want is for a sports forum to end up being just a place for language teachers to hang out because of grammar rules.

He dose not what to be here Or He would be in Camp..

He Wait Become Free Agent

Is it any wonder why this forum has gone to hell and the quality of responses and debate has gone to hell with it lately.

No matter what you post lately just gets instantly flamed.

why are people so sensitive? I just tried to point out a.... ah nevermind.

rag and rag? ah nevermind.....


good post could agree more.

Yeah, I understand the the misssing question mark being misleading. I was mislead too.

I don't undestand the over reaction to the questioning of the question mark. What's with the attitude?

As much as I like Jesse and his style of play. However, I'm not dying to see him as long as we've got Ranek and Holmes.

As far as where Jesse's heart is, I refer to the the excellent article by Chris Schultz regarding Canadians trying to make it in the NFL. Kinda gives thought to where these guys are coming from.

[url=] ... ?ID=176557[/url]

Good Read, Captain Kirk :thup: :thup: Thanks

My response about the ? issue would have been , " sorry about that. Let me correct it so that's not so missleading."

And then corrected it.

Instead we get , there's your f'n question marks . Ya happy now.

That's why people stay away.
That's why it's annoying when you try to keep the OT posts in the off topic forums and people get all huffy.

Thanks for letting me hi jack this thread.

If Jesse comes, Kojo has to go.

I agree, bring him back. :thup:
Then trade him ASAP for 2 O-Linemen.
He'll never be as good as Holmes or Ranek but while people think he's worth the $, make the trade to benifit our team. :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

As good as Holmes and Ranek are, I'm not so sure about the above assertion especially when you consider the following video clip. It's quite a collection of highlights for a rookie who only played half of a season.