Jesse Luketa tops CFL Winter Scouting Bureau Rankings

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) Scouting Bureau has published the second edition of the Top-20 prospects eligible for the 2022 CFL Draft.

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What I am liking in this ranking is that there is a Candian QB, at a Canadian university (Waterloo) at number 6. I'd love to read more about him, and why he's ranked in the top 20.

I also hope that he is seriously looked at as being drafted and used as a QB in the CFL. We have a lot of talented athletes that play in USports, and a lot of them can make the jump to the pros, at their positions, if given an honest and fair shot.


Yes, it'll be interesting to see how high Tre Ford gets drafted . . . and then if he's allowed to compete at QB or is converted to SB or RB. It would be nice if he's good enough to win even a PR spot as a National QB.

I'm also hoping the Lions can somehow draft the Philpot brothers.


I had the same thought, let's make hometown heroes out of them, like Lui Passaglia back in the day.

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The downside of drafting the twins is if you have to cut one. Als need to get a Nat WR

Anyone got time to post the draft order?


We're last (that's a given). On the plus side the player we draft last in the first round WON'T try the NFL first and make us wait like thirsty critters at a watering hole swarming with apex predators. That's the only break we're gonna get.

By 'apex predators' I mean friggin sharks with laser beams.
The NFL doesn't scare me one teensy bit this year.

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Yes, it'd definitely be awkward, wouldn't it. Heck, even keeping them both and seeing one excel and earn higher contracts could be awkward. But it'd be a fun little side story to the games and a nice tie-in to the team's history.

Maybe one on the Lions and the other on a West rival could add a bit of spice. Of course, they'd both have to develop into impact players for that to happen.

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The Bombers have the Hallet brothers on the team, playing the same position. And when Henoc Muamba was with the Bombers, we signed his brother Chaucey when BC let him become a free agent. It's always fun when family is on the same team.

It would be good for the Philpots follow their father into the league. And if they don't make it in BC they can follow dad to Winnipeg. I even have dad's 1999 game jersey he gave to me after the last game of the season.



I'm hopeful that Als go after a WR. At 4 they should get a keeper. Try and land a WR who will start and go south to stock the O-line.