Jesse L in the HOF

During the HOF game today Black and Ford were discussing the likelihood of Jesse joining his father in the HOF. Ya Right!

Maybe like his dad for his university career but he sure didn't play long enough in the CFL unfortunately. He was great as a Ticat when he was healthy.

As they pointed out it is the Canadian Football Hall of Fame not the CFL Hall of Fame. Based on his University Career JL should one day be a member of the Hall of Fame.

Because he gained a 1000 yards a game against York, U of T and Guelph. If his name was Jesse Shmoe and not Jesse Lumsden, nobody would even remember him.

That seems a little harsh. "Lumsden" hardly carries the mystique of a name like Lancaster or Flutie or even DiPietro.

Seems to me Jesse was one of the most dominant players in Canadian university football in recent decades. I don't think he got NFL tryouts on the strength of his dad's name.

Here's an idea, TeddyFay. Since you started the thread and seem to have strong feelings, perhaps you could show us some evidence that Jesse got most of his yards against losing teams.

I think if he buys a ticket he should be able to get into the hall just like anyone else

Excellent university career.... Check
Unsuccessful NFL tryout....Check
huge CFL hype....Check
A few good CFL games....Check
Overall disappointing CFL career....Check
Some experience as an Olympic athlete....Check

Giguere should be a shoo-in for HOF


Except its not the cfl hall of fame. Its the canadian football hall of fame. How many games did this years inductee larry haylor coach in the cfl?

as a builder

That point has been ignored by the OP I guess he just doesn`t get it..

J Lumsden was the Best Canadian RB in CFL history that never was.....

what a shame :thdn: your comments suck.

could you play a down at RB?? even one?

Jesse Lumsden is an interesting possible selection. IS there a university "wing" of the HOF? If so, he would qualify for his career there. If not, the shortness of his overall career would seem to mitigate against inclusion even though - when able to play - he was incredible.

Teddy Fay is a psychotic ex-CIA agent and evil psychopathic paranoid killer in a number of novels by Stuart Woods. I wonder if the choice of this pseudonym by our friend on this board has possibly affected his own outlook on life and has led to the introduction of a potential negative cast to some posts.

I think you have cause and effect reversed. Much more likely that his disposition lead him to choose such a name to reinforce his fantasy self-image. Choosing a character who is relatively obscure bolsters his feelings of superiority because it gives him the sensation of pulling the wool over peoples' eyes and "hiding in plain sight". Textbook troll modus operandi.

And while I don't think Jesse Lumsden belongs in the HOF, the fact that they inducted Chris Flynn and Eric Lapointe means there's a chance he'll be considered.

is this a joke

Discuss the topic, not the person. No one is trolling here. If Jesse qualifies, I can think of another 100 past and present players equally deserving.

Could that be? :wink:

you aren't getting the point. he wouldn't qualify based on his CFL play. he would qualify based on his CIS play. its NOT the cfl hall of fame. not many RB's ran for more yards than him in his CIS career. Based on that criteria there would not be 100's of other ppl who should get in because he got in

Canadian football hall of fame selection criteria:

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame represents all levels of Football in Canada both amateur and professional. There can be no less than 5 individuals and no more than 7 selected each year. The committee decides on how many inductees will be inducted each year.

The categories are further broken out:
Builder: Professional & Amateur (One each per year)
Player: Professional, Veteran and Amateur

I don't know much about Jesse's career (just restarted watching CFL as his career ended) but everything I heard about him was that he was a old school type. Hardnosed always finished off his runs by taking it to the defender.

HOF? Dunno! But sounds like the kinda guy the fan base would love!