Jesse is waiting for nfl teams to invite.......

if i was jesse i would stay far away from hamilton too. it will only bring his stock down to come here with six games left risk injury and run behind a patch work oline with a skeleton coaching staff not committed to winning this year just to sell the front office some tickets. sit out jesse and go to the highest bidder. you cant seriously be thinking an nfl team is gonna snatch you up???

It amazes me that the we are even considering Jesse Lumsden. If there is one frigging positive this year, it is Corey Holmes. Do everything and anything to make him happy and build the team around him! Not to mention Ranek.

i agree with you bobby. i m just saying if i was jesse i wouldnt come to the team to play this brand of football for six games not worth it.

Ranek, like him a lot, but priority is to get Holmes to stay here and with Lumsden, wow, nice. Josh is expendable.

Oh totally…he’d be nuts if he signed here.

Jesse should sign because it's a paying job for him.

Remember, with Corey Holmes as a free agent at the end of this year, this would certainly be a nice problem to have for Marcel.

Ideally I'd like Ranek and Lumsden as RBs and Corey as a returner and slotback.

another lumsden thread, wow you people are obsessed with him, he'll probably go to nfl europe and get an invite to camp, he needs to gain weight and become a fullback, i really dont see nfl teams wanting to use him as a feature back, lumsden has to gain weight and become one of those blue collar blocking fullbacks and become a special teams tackler.

Lumsden is unfortunately for him, what they call a "tweener" for the NFL and you stated it perfectly playmaker, he needs to gain weight and become a fullback but he doesn't have the smaller stature with his 225 lbs for a tailback. He's finished in the NFL, he just doesn't have the body type.

WHAT ?????

hes hardly a tweener !
maybe, he's just not good enough !!!!

Deuce McCallister, Shaun Alexander, Larry Johnson, Ladanian Tomlinson, Rudi Johnson, Edgerrin James, Ronnie Brown, Lamont Jordan, Stephen Jackson, Willis McGahee, Kevin Jones, Corey Dillon, DeShawn Foster, Fred Taylor, Mike Anderson, Stephen Davis are all between 220 and 230 lbs.


all those names are 1000 yard rushers and have actually done something, and they have talent and are faster than lumsden. Lumsden is destined to become a fullback, he is a poor man's mike alstoddt, the only way he will become an nfl regular is if he becomes a fullback, there are many guys who are 225 lbs. but it doesnt mean they're talented, lumsden only shot is if he juices up to 245 lbs. and becomes a fullback.

That's a lot of juicing playmaker, too much I think.

20 lbs. from now until next july's training camp isnt that much. If he goes on a program and gains a few pounds per month he will be fine, the thing is switching from RB to FB involes a differnet mentality since he would be blocking more often, but to make it in the NFL its like any other job, you have to sacrifice and do they dirty work first, so his best chance is to become a special teams player and fullback.

face it Jesse..your not good enough for the NFL..are you waiting by the phone?..if so,you might aswell get comfy!

ouch that hurts, lol.

Lumsden is an ideal size to be a feature NFL RB. He also runs a faster 40 time than many of the RBs mentioned with the exception of Portis who is much smaller. the main reason those guys are feature rbs and Lumsden was cut is because they have US college credentials. Lumsden in the past two seasons has never been given 10-15 carries in a preseason nfl football game to show his ability. In two seasons they gave him exactly two carries. Part of it was injury but even when healthy he never got the carries. If given the chance I think he would have done well because he has the physical tools. In last year's NFL combine, only Ronnie Brown ran a 4.43 40 which is what Lumsden can run. He will never get the opportunity and should play RB in Canada.

wake up and smell the coffee, if he had the talent he would be playing in the nfl. Israel Idonije played football in the CIS for Manitoba and now he is playing with the bears, because he has TALENT. Antonio Gates didnt play football in college, and now he is a Pro Bowl Tight End, when are you gonna realize that he doesnt have the talent, and the fact that you are saying that Jesse Lumsden is faster than Willis Mcgahee, Landanian Tomlinson, etc. proves your crazy and know nothing about football.

Playmaker, I dont call people crazy even on the internet.> If you disagree with an opinion thats one thing but namecalling is not called for and you deserved to be banned.

Jesse strived [still strives?] to meet the highest of standards.

Theodore Roosevelt described this best a long time ago.

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs,

even though checked by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight

that knows not victory nor defeat.?

He also has lot in commom with Chris Shultz.

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Pretty Good Company.

Better to soar with the Eagles ...

Than fly with Turkies...? :cowboy:

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!"
-- Arthur Carlson, WKRP in Cincinnati