Jesse Is The Go-To Guy... K Peters

[b]Planning an Offensive season

The Hamilton Spectator[/b]

Ken Peters January 10, 2008

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'So where does Jesse Lumsden fit in
in Marcel Bellefeuille's planned
Hamilton Tiger-Cat offence?

Well, just about everywhere.

Bellefeuille said this week he expects
the star tailback to be directly involved

in about one-third of the club's
offensive plays next season.'

Oh I dunno about that.

Does that mean Terry Caulley gets cut then? - cause, according to Obie, every American who makes the team better be a starter, or else they shouldn't be on the team. Can't have a superstar import backing up one of thems inferior NIs; or at least maybe they could share playing time?; or maybe Jesse gets moved to the more suited for NIs slotback position, or fullback ?. Maybe Marcel needs to get with or be taught Obie's program?

nothing wrong with being stocked at Rb,Terry Caulley, and Jesse Lumsden could be on the field at same time, two explosive running backs WIll open up the passing game :thup: :thup: - add Dickerson in the mix, even if they are used at slot , just get them the Ball.