Jesse is not done in the hammer..

Both Keith and Jesse are not every down backs. They’re both backs who cannot take the punishment of 20 touches a game and will be used like Regina did with Keith and Holmes. Jesse will not be getting mind blowing contract offers do to his injury risks and will probably resign, realizing that the best thing for his career is to be with a team that will limit the amount of touches he gets each game.

I totally agree...

Does cash not become a big factor though? How many guys like this can we afford?

Judging by Hamilton's lineup quite a few.

I hope you're right but I'm pretty sure Jesse will be leaving for greener pastures. Ticats know it and are making sure they have at least one STAR player left in the lineup to sell tickets next season. I think Lumsden and Printers will join Moreno on the train elsewhere before next season starts.

Lumsden may leave, but I'd be surprised if he was paid anything close to what Keith has been offered. He's just not on the field enough. It'd be nice to see him stay, but you can't build a franchise around a player that plays less than half the games. Keith took the pounding in the NFL. I don't recall him having injury problems but will bow to the experts on that one.

If we can afford, Jesse, Kenton and Casey. The rest of our starters must be making peanuts!

We must be grossly under the cap again this year if we can afford 175K for the rest of this season. That's 29K per game for the rest of the season!

With 4 - now 5 RBS if you include Keith, someone isn't staying here.

By the way where was Tre Smith last game?

Bauman concussion.
Walker replaces him at receiver.
Gotta sit an import.
Tre was it.

Could Jesse switch to Slotback?

Unless he wants a to accept his demotion he is gonzo!

Cawley might be more valuable than all of them (given Jesse's health problems).

I think if we can convince Jesse to stay with a decent contract it would be great. KK is a solid running back and allows Jesse to see limited hits.

I think you may be bang on Drexl and I am really hoping that you are. I would love to see these two on the field, even at the same time.

As for Printers, I hope he stays here long term as well. I think he is still trying too hard and is shouldering too much of the load. If the o-line improves, watch out! It also seems his thumb isn't quite there yet judging by the wobbly throws and drop against the Bombers. Remember this guy's arm strength fans. When he is 100% then we can judge more fairly. :thup:

With 4 - now 5 RBS if you include Keith, someone isn't staying here.
8) Caulley just might be the odd man out now !!!!

Caulley is just as effective as KK and for a lot less money. I feel kind of bad for him.

What about Lumsden as a fullback? Has a nice ring to it, dont you think?

We could run half our plays out of the I formation, for that retro feel.


Sure, at $55k a year Jesse would make an ok fullback...but since he only plays 50% of the time...well you get the picture...

If he gets hurt running the ball I wouldnt trust him blocking guys in the backfield for an entire season.

Send him an extension this week if he takes it..good. If not then deal him for anything, DL, OL, WR, draft pick, PR player or even a good neg list player.