Jesse is "50/50 or less"

Whatever than means.

That's what Scott Mithcell just said on the FAN590 regarding the chances that Jesse still might play this Thursday.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

well I think if the doctors kept him out of the calgary game when he was ok to play and wanted to play then they will definatly keep him out thursday when he has something that is not just "precautionary"
We do need him though and i really hope he can go.

Why not give John Williams an opportunity to carry the rock?

because we have 2 running backs with more skill than him on the roster....that's why.

im not even sure why hes on the team. all he will ever play is special teams.

You just answered your own question.

You need good special teams players. John WIlliams is that.

should you have people on special teams that will hopefully evolve into starters though?

Yes. Look at all the success we have with Mariusz and Beveridge... :roll:

Not a Chance Printers Or Jesse will play.
Very Small Chance Tony will be back

But look on the bright side, sig,
we will see a lot of Ray and Sandy.