Jesse gone.

Edmonton released Jesse Lumsden, dispite his Olympic heroics. Is he done or will another team pick him up?

Wow!! Talk about taking a chance that didn't work for the Esks. I hope Jesse heals enough so he can play again. We do need him playing CFL football.

I sense Winnipeg or Toronto as they're both desperate to avoid total rebuild mode and want to do everything and anything possible to make this a good year.

i think hes done.
trained hard only to get KO'd in his 1st game as an eskie...

noone else will want to take that gamble.

I agree DG.. another hard luck pro athlete.. a "can't miss" guy, but too fragile. Hopefully he will realize that his football career is done and moves on to something else.

I think it's worth while for a team like the Argos to pick him up and bring him to camp at a look see.

He could maybe see spot duty somewhere, but no way can he be a dependable starter. He also hasn't been medically cleared to play yet either.

is Anyone here really surprised by this?

He's finished. a return to the hammer is out of the question then????? :lol:

Thing about Lumsden, is that both the Eskimos and Tiger-Cats used him as an every down back.

I would have played him on first down and short yardage and put someone else in on the other downs.

Too bad. When healthy he is as dominant of a player you could hope for, trouble is he's almost always injured.
Some players are just injury-prone, Jesse is one of them. Best of luck to him, but this may be it for football.
I hope he continues with bobsleigh though, great watching him at the olympics.

Yup, if he were to come back here I don't think he'd get a very warm welcome after turning us down, signing with Edmonton and then blaming it on Obie for not offering him a contract even though Obie must've offered him about 15x throughout the season and a couple time's before he signed in Edmonton.He's dead to me :lol:
Cobb is our RB hero now.

I don't think it's a use issue. Last year, he got hurt on a normal tackle, by a players about 3 inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter than he was, in the first quarter of the first game. He wasn't hit while prone or blindsided. He didn't fall awkwardly. And, he hadn't touched the ball more than 5 times.

Based on that, you'd have to give him one carry every 3 games to get a full season from him. It may be that the shoulder will never heal to the point where it can sustain football-type contact.

Oh, I can't even tell you all how excited I am!!! :smiley:

Now if you'll all excuse me, Chief has to go dance a quick jig! 8)

Maciocia just signed Pascal Fils out of Sherbrooke and Marc-Antoine Beaudouin Cloutier... (Divorced parents in Quebec have to stop saddling their kids with these Composite names...) out of Laval.

So it looks like Lumsden spot will be turned over to a NI RB that will be used on ST.

i didnt follow lumsdens games much with the cats or esks (mostly cause he was almost always hurt) but cats fans i have a question for you or anyone: how were jesse;s hands as a reciever?

call me crazy but i could see him being converted to a tight end/slotback type combo, where he would not be an everydown player, his big frame could be used for blocking and running short - intermediate routes would mean he would take far less contact, he would avoid the big hits at the l.o.s and with his strenth and agility in the open field i think he could still be a weapon for someone... similar to rick house? correct me if im wrong but i think hes the one ive got in my head

I agree with Artie. That was a normal football hit. You see that in every single game. Most guys would get up and dust themselves off... for Jesse, it ended his season.

I've nothing against him personally; I'm sure he's a good guy, and he's a tremendous athlete... but he's injury prone. He can fight the label as much as he likes, but it's true. I'm glad the Eskimos released him, because I don't think it would've been fair for him to take up a roster spot. Whitlock proved he can be a starting back, and McCarty and Bertrand are solid back-ups. The Eskimos are set at RB.

I certainly wish Jesse luck in the future. :thup:

He can catch and run for sure.Think of him as a white Adrian Peterson.He takes the ball and plow's through 4-5 guy's before anybody has a hope of dropping him.If injuries weren't an issue, he'd be more than halfway to a hall of fame career.Fact of the matter is, you'd be lucky to get 3 games out of him and when he goes he throws off the I/N-I ratio not to mention the fat pay check he requests.

Lumsden was released because he failed his physicals. Maciocia doesn't want to speak for Jesse... But without medical clearance his fooball carreer is over.

well at this point hed be dillusional to expect any sort of big contract... and i was just throwing it out there... keep him out of the constant hits, and use him sparingly... maybe theres still some use... such a shame the guy is so fragile, really looked like he would be dominant