is this guy amazing or what

Cobb is.

Jesse is a great back when he can stay healthy. So is Kenton Keith incidentally. Terry Caulley as well.

Cobb has great patience and calmness, allowing holes to develop further without hitting them at full speed. Jimmy Edwards flashbacks tonight.

Props have to go to the O-line tonight. Gauthier and Dyakowski were road grading!

Oski Wee Wee,

Hage was into the second level a few times himself. But to me Dyakowksi has been the most pleasant surprise. He's emerging as one of the better guards in the league. The boys face planted the leo d-linemand more than once tonight....

That pancake block Peter made on the Cobb TD deep in the BC end was PICTURE PERFECT. LOL

Peter got a hair cut and sure stepped it up this year, good game for Peter. :thup: :smiley:

Yeah, I'm sure others have made this point tonight, but the player that stuck out the most for me tonight, maybe on the whole team, was Peter Dyakowski.

GREAT game against a pretty solid Defensive line.

Can we not give Cobb more respect and simply stay with Deandre.. rather than this jesse cobb crap?

I think he's earned it

Was Cobb named the Friday night gladiator again?

Cobb = The Lion slayer

It was Johnson. 10 tackles, 1 sack and a forced fumble. He earned it I think since it was our D at the end that won it for us.

Nope. It was Jamal Johnson.

Congrats to Jamall Johnson :smiley:
Couldn't hear or see well who was doing what, but did notice the sack by JJ.
Fantastic game overall, even with all the penalties helping BC along.

This. The O-line did an outstanding job. I thought Cobb showed great patience on some of the inside runs but still had burst. Big difference from the last few games in that the line was opening some HUGE holes.

Jesse who??

I agree with you. Cobb is a great back, I'm glad we have him. We're set at RB with him, Caulley, Smith and Keith.

The whole point to this post was to point out how pumped everyone was about Lumsden the past few years (myself incl.) but how quickly he could be forgotten now that we have a back with the quality of Deandra

Jesse is gone. Time to move on lovers and haters alike. That type of comment is just an attempt to stir up trouble on your part. Bad on you

After re-watching the game on my PVR today, I thought I'd point out something from this play that you didn't see on TV.
The Lions player that Dyakowski pancaked was a late substitution, and only had a second or two to get set after running a 60 yard sprint from the BC bench to the line of scrimmage.
How's that for a home-field advantage? :lol: