Jesse Canadian Player of the week

Again. Congratulations. Keep playing like this and you will have a lot of these to add to your trophy shelf, and soon enough a few offensive players of the week. It's good to see the Canadian talent growing, we have two young, but rising Canadian players in this league on both offense and defense, who could be future ambassadors of the league in Javier Glatt of the BC Lions(middle line backer) and our own Jesse Lumsden. I would say up to this point the two are front runners for offensive and defensive MVP.

That's great that he was named Canadian player of the week. Congratulations Jesse. I think he may always have that "Canadian Player" label on him though. When will it be enough to simply be offensive player of the week? I suspect he'll do well enough for Canadian Player of the week, nearly every week.

The reason why he didnt get offensive player of the week, was that you normally have to be in on the winning team that week. Im almost sure if the cats won that game. Jesse would have got offensive player of the week

2 Weeks in a Row he has won now