Jess Palmer signs with Montreal

Nice to see the Al's proactive in player development. Don't know if this guy will be a bust or not...time will tell.

Good steps towards develop of Canadian players, especially at the QB position.

I agree with Fetch-17. I'd even start cheering for the Als if they had a 1st string Canadian QB. However, my crystal ball sees Palmer sticking with the Als even if he isn't an improvement over what they have because he'll be highly coveted by the Renegades if/when they return. They'll be able to write their own ticket in any deals with the 'Gades including the selection draft.

I'd like to see Palmer or any other Canadian QB for that matter playing 1st string for a CFL team--any CFL team.

An Argo fan

Speaking as a Ticat fan. I couldn't care a less if my QB was Canadian, American or from flippin Mars. As long as he could complete a pass for a touchdown!

I want our JESSE #28 back in action.

"Why can't our bleeping management sign Jessie Palmer" threads in...




Maybe That means Nelon is on his Way to Hamilton?



By next Season if there is no Ottawa
They'll have 4 QB's
They Trade one I am Thiking it Green
Cause it won't be Calvo or Brady

Very good point barney. The Gades or Rouphriders will jump at him not just talent perspective but marketing becuase they are going to need all the pluses they can get