hey, i have a #21 jason Goss jersey and i was jus wondering if maby there was a way i could get the 1 changed to an 8, and get lumsden on the back? any idea who would do this?

I have my own custom stitched jersey(#88 BONDS) on the back. I think that is the best jersey to get(Your Own) cuz no one stays in hamilton long enough.

So if your Goss Jersey is stitched just take it to any roar store and ask them to change it to a lumsden jersey and they can send it away for you. If that doesn't work sell it to some edmonton fan lol

re-i have a #21 jason Goss jersey and i was jus ? Justis :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, yeh ill sell it on ebay to some in edmonton haha, yeh its stiched, plus dont u all think jesse wil be around for a long time? if he doesnt decide to try for the NFL again in a couple years, i can see him being a cat forever, candian RB r rare, especialy when they r starters

Jesse Lumsden IS the best back in pro football IMHO :thup:

imho? wats that stand for

in my humble opinion- (disclamer?) saw someone else post it LOL

You can be creative and just do a slight change to tha name just as I saw in the Raptors game last night against New Jersey.

A fan had an old Raptors jersey with Vince Carter's name and number on it. He covered the "CAR" in Carter with "QUIT" so that the name read "QUITTER"

It was quite funny.

What could we do with a Goss jersey?

Hey Blitz,

Wish I had better news, but I don't think you will be able to make the switch...see, numbers are glued down before stitching to make sure they sit right for the process. Unstitiching and removing results in a mess from the glue - I know this TOO well because I worked at the Jock Shop in downtown Hamilton for a few years back in the day, and had to sew custom jerseys, a couple of which errors on.

The good news is that the 8 is wider and slanted and MIGHT cover up the glue...just be prepared.

Cover up the “G” and put an “L” over it? then it would say LOSS…which in turn could sum up the ticats season?

alright well thanks for letting me know that,i think ill jus wait until the final roster is made, perhaps sum1 good will sign on and use number 21, then i can just replace the last name.. u can do that right?? maby like patch over it or sumthing?

Maybe Goss’s name could be covered up with HE HATE HAMILTON

Remember HE HATE ME from the XFL?

You most definitely can change it, assuming it's still the same crester as before the crossover. Go talk to Drew at the TiCats store, or any SO.