Jervonte Jackson

Jervonte responded to a question of mine on Facebook...

Expect Jervonte in camp in a week, a week and half or so ...with respect to him responding to my question will not elaborate on the reason for him being late ...nothing to serious do ...

With all respect to Jervonte and his reasons for being late, how does he expect to have a chance to make the team?

We`re not talking Albert Haynesworth here.

i must agree..................yet some things are more important then Football...

Jackson peut avoir ses raisons, et il a aussi droit à sa vie privée. Si ses raisons sont valables, c'est à l'équipe de l'évaluer. Sera-t-il suffisamment aguerri pour se tailler un poste, ça aussi c'est à l'équipe de l'évaluer, mais tout ce temps qu'il manque joue contre lui, qu'il le veuille ou non.

Ce que me derange beaucoup plus que Jackson, cest que Chima I. manque a lappel, lui qui a besoin dun bon camp dentrainement avec Mike Sinclair pour son developpement.

Je n`ai pas encore entendu les raisons pour son absence.

Chima has been lacking in interest since he signed. I don't worry about players like that. He is starting his pro carreer very poorly. We have 70 guys who want to play ball here.

Yup, if he wants to fall behind and miss crucial parts of training camp, that's his decision. Someone else will step up.

I'm excited at the prospect of Bekasiak getting more playing time at tackle due to McElveen moving to rush end. At 6'6'' and 300 lbs, he's got the physical tools to be a dominant tackle, and he's progressed nicely over the past year.

Precisely !

Jervonte Jackson's mother is serving a 20 year sentence for drug traffiking , sentence dates back to 2002
I'm speaking about it cause theirs articles available you can google on the Web...Jervon was gratious in elaborating about it in helping is mother with her court case.....that's why is delayed to camp .....

this is public therefore you can read about ...yet i dont whant to start anything wich would be condasending to him

No argument about Bekasiak, he`s been quite a find.

However, Chima was a 2nd round Jim Popp draft choice, a Canadian asset that is needed to build a team. He and/or his agent Dr. Ping had NFL dreams last year, can`t blame a guy for trying.

I`m not ready to condemn him for being late to camp, perhaps he has a legitimate injury and could not pass his physical. The team not being transparent with the reason opens up speculation.

As for Jackson, as much as we complain about traffic or the Internet being down, most of us have no conception of what some of these inner city kids have had to face.

I also like Bekasiak.It's interesting that the TiCats picked him as number 1 yet, were looking at him for offense tackle. The Larks were solid in picking him up after the Ti Cats let him go. Makes one wonder?

Happens all the time Niagara. Hamilton released a DB years back, thinking he wasn't good enough to make their team, Montreal picked him up, and Duane Butler gave us great service as a SAM LB for many seasons (Strickland at WILL got way more press coverage but I always thought Butler was the better and more effective of the two).

BC let their then third string QB go, and he landed in Winnipeg and had a decent career. . . Khari Jones.

We kept Junior Ah You in, I think, what turned out to be his last season, and released a young kid who couldn't quite beat him out for the spot as DE, and that young kid we released went to Hamilton and went on to have a stellar career. . . Grover Covington.

Then of course we had a kick returner in camp last season but we sent him to Toronto. . .and I better not say any more about that, Senior will have a heart attack.

owen to argos for a 4th round draft choice this year!! DT renaldo sagesse was the choice!! may turn out to be a sharp move mr. popp!! and chima Ihekwoaba disinterested(?)!! came to the als after his NFL try out without a montreal TC!! has TC this year which does make a difference!! jervonte jackson has an upcoming pre season game for us to judge his ability!!

sorry DE grover covington from bethume cookman U was not released by the alouettes!! he was traded along with 5 other players by HC marv levy to hamilton for RB andy hopkins in 1976!! unfortunately the deal failed to help the team!! also DE junior ah you didn’t retire in 1976!! after a disaster of a season in 1976 the alouettes rebounded to win the 1977 GC in montreal!!