I was browsing the CFL store, and I was surprised that they didn't have Mike Reilly's jersey. In fact, the only player they have is Stamps. Now, you could customize a jersey and put in Reilly's info. Just seemed odd that they wouldn't have his jersey. Is there a better place to shop for jerseys?

I bought mine at River city sports, it might be the same manufacturer as what's on the CFL store Reilly jersey and number $149 . I was quite happy with mine service was helpfull and prompt. I bought the Ricky Ray jersey then he was traded not sure who to get next. I might go retro a Wilkinson or Highbaugh

Every jersey store in the city of Edmonton has multiple Reilly jerseys in them

And in Bc they have a Lulay jersey too, I can't find a Eskimo Jersey anywhere out here so have order online. CFL is terrible at marketing their apparel .

Unfortunately, I live several provinces over, so I have to depend on online stores.

I'll check out River City Sports. :thup: The same thing kept happening to my brother. Every time he bought a Raptors jersey, that player would get traded. Happened like 3 or 4 times. :lol:

My son has a Canuck hat that he got signed by 4 players every one that signed it got traded the following year

Wow. :lol: Poor kid.

I've purchased from River City. Good place to shop.

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