i was wondering if anyone here agrees with me when i say the new jerseys are great for the lions, going to a retro style jersey is an excellent choice. though im not so stoked about the white helmets, they are kind of lame.

Allrighty then, i just wanna hear your opinion. Talk to you all later! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think black helmet would have been better than the white one......Maybe Silver? We'll see after the first game!

I like the new uniforms and I think the white helmet is great. I think the lions uniforms are the best in the league, retro and stylish. They stand out and you will know it is the B.C. Lions on the field. :slight_smile:

how much are they?... id like to get one before i go with my football team to a game June or July something... the retro is awsome, and the other jersey is pretty awsome to... cant say the same for some of the other teams though... cough... edmonton packers...

Buy a jersey at the western final and now they go back to the orange...again... I think they'll look great, what to do with my black reebok Lions jersey now

Saw the white helmet on TV from the scrimmage on Sunday....Not bad...I can live with it.

u can send me that jersey... im asuming you meant anyone want to buy it... god the western final last year was loud... thought the building was falling apart when that kick was missed... so much fun

i think there new jerseys are a no they look horrible i say use the old jerseys

I prefer black as the primary colour with orange and white trim (i.e. the most recent uniform, the 60s, the early 70's). I don't think orange works as well as the main jersey colour.

If they were switching to orange jerseys, better to play with a black helmet instead of white. Especially on the road. They look like creamsicles.

Now the alternate (3rd) uniform...I think you're going to like them! :smiley:

DH 8)

i wonder if having an orange jersey will help with play-action... and hey, at least we'll be able to tell wich team we're cheering for

I love the away jerseys, find the white helmets awesome too. I would have preferred the dark brown and orange though instead of the black and orange for the lions logo on the helmets. I got my replica upgraded to have clermont on it and now new jerseys are on the market! Ugh. Anyways, if they keep em cheap i’ll probably buy a white one.

i like the stampeders jersey but i sure hate the team. I agree with Lionsfan13 with the dark brown and orange logo for our lions

how can u have the retro jerseys wihtout the retro helmets, i hate u B.C Lions, but there ok jerseys, except for the black line across the chest it would look much better wihtout tht

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R&W, you might be a Stamps fan, but I think I could get along with you anyway!!

Orange is good...but the shade of this orange is maybe too neon? If you've ever seen what the volunteers have to wear (like at fanfest)...waaaaay too much like a neon sign