So I heard a rumour that in 2012 that all CFL teams are getting new jerseys? I know some teams got new jerseys in 05 I think it was, but I'm sorta excited if the rumour is true. I mean I'm sorta sick of some of these jerseys, theirs no uniqueness (except retro jerseys) to jerseys these days I mean Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal all have the same look jerseys, while Calgary, Hamilton and B.C, Edmonton have the same style of jerseys. Also I don't like the Jersey Pants combinations some teams do like the Riders I like the Green Jersey on white pants and White Jersey and Geen pants but why not mix it up a little bit? Go all Green or all White? I could go on about other teams but I would need about 2 more pages lol any thoughts?

...I opened this thread because I thought it was about cows...

My understanding is that the deal with Reebok ends in 2011 or 2012 and other companies will be biding. One I know that will be biding is Nike, as a friend of mine works for a local sporting goods company, and he talked to a Nike head at a recent business meeting and Nike told him flat out, "We want that contract."

Obviously if Nike were to be awarded the new contract, new jerseys would be made.

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whattsa matta witha you eh?

the Riders combination has been classic for 50 some years. you don’t go and mess around with it.

remember they used to go Green Jerseys with Silver pants and White Jersey’s with Green Pants.

just let it be.

So… didn’t the team wear Red and Black recently? I agree with not messing with the colours… IMO, that retro nod (while unique) wasn’t the best idea the Riders’ merchandisers have had (and they’ve had a ton of great ones!!)

Thank you blog skee wee wee for being the one poster who actually decided to answered my question…

I'll give him that... but RedandWhite's response is still making me laugh! 8)

I heard that rumor as well. I think CFL teams have nice jerseys. However, some teams would be better to adopt some of their retros, instead of the current ones they wear.

I disagree though with the pant combos. There's nothing worse imo than a team wearing all white. Pretty boring.
It seems so frequent in the NFL.

It would be nice to get rid of the cookie cutter look in that reebok brought in when they re-designed the Jerseys. There's not really a whole lot wrong with the Jerseys, but much like the NHL every team's jerseys are designed very similar, and I preferred the unique-ness before even if it was a bit more subtle. If you take a look on at the different team jerseys, basically Riders, Argo's and Bombers use the identical design with different colours. Lions, Stamps, and Ticats are the same way as well.

I don't think a major re-design is necessary, the teams colours are fine.

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Oh for sure I love the Colours of the teams in the CFL it's the one thing that is actually is unique about CFL Jerseys, its just the styles are the same. And I forgot who said it but I think some teams should revert back to their Retro's like look at the Riders They have the jersey they played against vs BC they could use that as home and the Jersey they used @ Montreal could use it as away, it looked sharp! And I've liked Hamilton's retro jerseys these past couple of years!

I agree, the Riders should go with there retro look as their regular unis. Use the old school round logo with the green S and the jerseys with the double stripes over the shoulders (but for god’s sake, make them go all the way around, don’t know why RBK loves cutting them off half way)
I think the Bombers should go back to their original blue. Dump the navy blue for the old roayl blue, looks much better. If they keep the same logo with the W and ball with lightning bolt, they should go back to having a white W, looked much better.
One thing I would like to see (though it will never happen), is use longer sleeves, I hate that we copy the NFL on length of sleeves (as theirs got shorter, so did ours), the sleeves barely cover the shoulder pads (on some linebackers, that’s not even the case some of the equipment pops out from under the sleeve. Longer sleeves would give more options for things like striping, etc, so jerseys could be made to look more unique.
I think the Ti-cats should go back to the retro look jersey with the stripes on the sleeves (would be nice if they were longer, therefore more stripes)
I hope that a different company (whether it’s Nike, doesn’t matter to me), gets to redo the jerseys. I also hate the RBK cookie-cutter look.

i really like the RBK designs, and hope they dont switch to nike, or anyone else.

i dont know how anyone can say the als jerseys look like any other team in the league :roll:

the only changes i'd make, is the riders retro jerseys, both the home and the 70's away should be their permanent jerseys.
and the tiger-cats retro 70's home jersey should become their permanent home jerseys.

those changes alone fixes the 'cookie-cutter' look people are refering to.

the argos and bombers would be similar, but not a big deal.
and the stamps and lions would be similar, and again, not a big deal.

Personally, I like what we have now. We have our choice of the modern jerseys (which look sharp for the most part, IMO), or the retros, so really, we have the best of both.

However, I think that the moderns have only been around since 2005or so, and to me, that still seems too recent to introduce new jerseys in the near future. I know that whoever wins the merch contract will do just that, but I like what we have now.

im hoping, that by nike making a bid at the next contract, all it does is make RBK pay more to keep the contract, and that RBK KEEPS the contract.

can't go changing the look every 6 years.

Yes it should be money first type contract and second the designs which from one company to the next is pretty much equal.

there's a reason for short arm lengths..

it's to provide less grip for a defender.

I like the Riders logo they have used since 1987 and should stick with it.

I want to see them get rid of the shoulder stripe and move it down further onto the arm. keep the number design though.

B.C. and Hamilton need to remove that stupid stripe in the middle.

I know that Nike is looking at new designs. How different they will look, I don't know, but they will look different if they get the deal. They might look very similar to the ones now, but I would doubt that. From what I've been told, they are going to put a team on this and look at designs from all eras in order to get the right look for each team. Vague, I know, but at this point they don't have the contract so everything is still in the planning stage.

So if the Jerseys where to be changed, would the logo be altered as well? Or does it depend on the extent of the changes on the Jerseys?? :?