Jerseys Wanted

Hello again everyone just shooting my shot again and hoping that anyone has these jerseys available for sale. I’m always looking to add to my collection but the white one is for a specific gift.

If you have anything sizes L XL even XXL. Let me know you can also email me




@Sweezy24 I have a Jason Maas jersey of that edition in black made by Reebok. It’s very plasticky; all iron-on numbers, letters and tigers. Didn’t pay much for it at the time, don’t wear it, don’t display it because as I said, it’s a Maas #11. Quite a sales pitch, eh. So is that what you’re looking for?

@Sweezy24 oh yeah, it’s XL

I appreciate you messaging me Frank but it’s the white version I’m after mostly ideally blank so I can customize it for a buddy. I would be open to others but I was never a fan of Maas lol but thank you!

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