Jerseys for 2014?

Is their going to be a re-designed 3rd jersey next year?

I believe the commissioner stated ALL teams will have new alternate jerseys in 2014.

Thanks. Does this mean that we are no longer using the retros?

I wish we wore the retro's full time. Best uniform in the CFL in my opinion (both the home and away retro's).

I'm a Stamps fan and partial to their Flutie-era unis. Having said that, I'd like to see the Riders wear their retros full time. Greta looking uniform.

Agreed. The retros are way sharper than the normal home/away jersey.

Just as an add on - Found this article when I was looking for more pictures:

[url=] ... f-all-time[/url]

It ranks the retro's as #2 all time.

As for the Stamps fan in this thread, Calgary should wear these full time:

Way way nicer than the current one's. I don't think Black adds anything to the Stampeders jerseys.

We wore our retros for the 2009 and 2010 devastating Grey Cup losses. I’m glad we wore our 2013 jerseys for this year’s Grey Cup. Our boys deserve to win it in their own jersey, not the '66 jersey – we aren’t the '66 team.

I like the current uniforms (both home and away) better than the retros.

As for the 3rd jerseys, I’d prefer if we keep the retros than to have some 3rd jersey knock-off of the B.C. Lions jersey. Gun metal grey and flat black works for them, but not the Riders, IMO.

I could definitely live with these as well. From the 70s-early/mid 80s IIRC.

Between all of the Grey Cup Champs merchandise, the third Jersey, and all of the Normal sales the profits for merchandise shouldb be through the roof.
They should take orders for the third Jersey early and have the Riders wear them for the Labor Day game. that would be 30 plus K sold for the fans attending the game and countless others as well.
Have a new 3rd Jersey for each of the next three seasons 2014-2016 and there could be enough made to pay for the roof when the stadium is built :wink: